A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

France On A War Footing.

             France On A War Footing.

The European Peoples’, need to wake up from their stupor, their heads are already on the block. Despite the availability of massive amounts of information, the average European suffers under the delusion, that we are ‘good folk.’ That we would not harm a soul and that we are a force for good in the world.

They have, in some way or other, inwardly, justified, the barbaric destruction of the Middle East and the murder of several million people in the process, as being justifiable, and they now find themselves worrying about ‘radicalised’ Muslims, as if there is no connection between the two events.

Europeans blather on and on about how other folk are jealous of their freedoms when in fact they have no freedoms worth talking about.

In recent days, I have taken to listening to British Talk Radio., in order to see for myself whether they discuss anything of any importance. I was not at all surprised at what I found.

Yesterday afternoon, the talk, on LBC, was of the United Nations, calling for a cease-fire in Aleppo, Syria, where the Assad regime and the Russians are on the point of defeating the IS Mercenaries. Russian tactics in the battle, were called ‘War Crimes.’

The presenter of the program had a guest in the studio, a Syrian, whom was opposed to Assad and was part of the group which makes up the ‘puppet government in waiting’ which has been selected by the British, who it turns out had been planning the war in Syria, for two years before it was initiated.

The Syrian, was allowed five minutes to deliver a diatribe, against Assad, which included all of the usual slurs about ‘Barrel Bombing’ his own people and attacking, his own people with chemical weapons having already slaughtered hundreds of thousands, of his own people, because he was a brutal sadistic dictator.

He went on to claim that Russian planes had bombed a convoy of lorries, delivering aid. At which point, the presenter, timidly suggested that it could have been anyone, who destroyed the convoy as there were no reliable witnesses. The Syrian retorted with a cry of oh yes there were, I had friends on the spot, who know full well the difference between Russian, Syrian and American planes and they reported that they had identified the attackers as Russian.

Allow me to interject; I was under impression that the attack on the convoy, took place at night, so in fact nobody saw any planes. On top of that, in daylight, there was not a trace of any bombing, the convoy had in fact been torched not bombed. No matter.

At which point the phone lines were opened and a young lad suggested that what the Syrian had said was a load of tosh. When asked what he meant, the caller tried to suggest that the Syrian was probably associated with IS.

The presenter shrieked in alarm, ‘We don’t have people on LBC who are connected to IS’ and instantly cut the caller off. One simple thing, how could he know whether the Syrian had been connected to IS or not? Not to mention the fact that the British have been arming them.

That was yesterdays piece of censorship but what made the

whole episode even more laughable, was the fact that not too far away from Aleppo, the friendly Allies, were attempting to drive the same IS out of Mosul, where the attacks, similar to Russia’s attacks in Aleppo, are a daily occurrence and many civilians have been killed. War Crimes? I hear you cry, but no, because the Allies made superhuman efforts to avoid civilian casualties, so therefore they are not guilty. The mere fact that Iraq is now a wasteland is of no apparent importance.

In the above clip, Katie Hopkins, whom is a professional loud mouth, drives home her argument in a manner which is based solely on the proposition, that Syrians and others, should be quite content to stay where they are, until such time as they can go back to their pile of rubble.

The Asian, on the other hand, an immigrant himself, tells us that Europe is rich and vast and it can cope with millions of refugees. He reels off all of the bull-shit about the advantages of allowing immigrants into Europe, telling us how good they are for the economy, and all that nonsense, however he chooses to ignore the ever mounting trail of Rapes, Murder and the buggery of children which they have brought along with them, telling us that Europe was always so.

Yesterday, while delivering an article which an old friend had asked me to make for her, as we were drinking a cup of coffee, she told me of the disturbances, caused by immigrants in the village every evening. She lives in a tiny village and I as surprised to find that there were any immigrants living there, at all.

She wasn’t quite sure where they were from, but they were

fighting the locals and creating mayhem. This is part of the policy of making sure that every last corner of France gets its dose of Muslims.

On Sky News, in the recent past, on a discussion program, someone made the statement that there were no immigrants on the Isle of Wight, which produced a ‘we can’t have that,’ response. Why not? What the hell is going on?

On another Katie Hopkins clip, she suggested there to be zones, where Whites were afraid to go at night. She related her experiences of Muslims telling her to wear more modest clothes and they called her a slut. The man with a rat on his head, Andrew Neil, defied her to name these areas, as if they do not exist when in fact young girls are being picked on all over Europe.

My friend told me that her young daughters are being picked on and are now fearful of mixing with their friends in the evening. When even tranquil villages are being ruined, it must surely be the moment to vote Front National.


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