A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

A Round Of Applause For The Elected President, Donald Trump.



From the word go, the media has stood rock solid against the Trump. Not only the mainstream but even some of those whom once offered their views as part of the alternative opposition.

I have been digging around asking why Trump was seen as a problem. The fact that the last half-dozen US Presidents, should have been taken to court, charged with War Crimes, which those in the above clip, would appear to be prepared to ignore, suggests them to be incapable of perceiving reality or maybe they were looking forward to more Clinton killings.

In the British media, there have been suggestions, that Trump will be out of his depth, when faced with top politicians. Which top politicians would they be? Juncker, the President of Europe perhaps, I suggest Juncker would be well advised not to ‘bitch slap’ Trump as he might get floored for his trouble.

As for the rest of them May and Merkel, Hollande or whoever, they will be the ones out of their depth when they find themselves up against a leading business man.

The reason given by alternative media, for their opposition to Trump was because he was controlled by outside powers. That amused me because they are all controlled by a hidden hand and I said so, the response was, ‘that Trump is more controlled than the others.’

I look at the above clip and I am dumbfounded. A man has just been elected President, having won in virtually every State of the Union and yet this crowd is reacting as if the vast majority will be horrified.

In the UK the result of the Brexit vote, was clear and decisive, and yet the media has managed to whip up the same opposition to the result. I could guarantee, that had the result been the other way round, the Brexiteers would have simply accepted it, as happens in any election.

The European Union has destroyed Europe. Should it prove just a little bit more difficult to travel on holiday, because of Brexit,  too bad. Europe is done for, the evidence is as plain as day.Britain was once the Workshop of the World, now thanks to the European Union, it has been stripped of its industry, saddled with Free TradeTreaties, which allows products, which in the recent past were British Made, to be imported, with no tariffs, which has generated a two trillion pound debt on the backs of the British.  The British, now manufacture a mere twenty percent of the Gross National Product.Faced with the above any benefits of the EU are purely trivial.

Trump is on to their game and he has already promised to re-establish American Industry and he has come out strongly against the tissue of lies about Carbon Dioxide. This would all suggest that those whom support Clinton, also believe in the value of living without any industry, a lifestyle, which has never proven to be successful, in order to maintain the idiotic belief, that if they give up their cars, the world will stop warming, even as winters are colder than ever.


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