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Cat Scratch Fever



                     Cat Scratch Fever

The above snap is the evil little bugger that gave me my dose of Cat Scratch Fever, with which I am still struggling. I have been nursing this urchin, ever since she was abandoned by her mother.

One day, as I was entering my home, slamming the door behind me, I failed to notice that she was leaping in behind me, the door opens outwards and I trapped her head between the door and the floor inside.

I was horrified, I thought I had killed her. She was writhing around on the floor, in what I took to be a dance of death, so I picked her up to see how badly she was hurt. She responded by sinking her teeth into me hand in a truly savage manner.

I put her down and she ran off to one side and sat quietly for a few minutes and fully recovered, it was as if nothing had happened.

I have a few handsome cats at the moment, look at this one.





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