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Is ‘PizzaGate’ A Carefully Prepared Trap?




Is ‘PizzaGate’ A Carefully Prepared Trap?

There has been a lot of stuff flying around lately about ‘PizzaGate.’ A few days ago, I received a link to a video, from what I took to be a trustworthy source, which I stuck up on my site and having done so I decided to make sure it was a valid tale by watching it.

Virtually the first scene on the clip, was an implication, that the Madeleine McCann affair appeared to have a strong connection to some of the members of the Cabal of Cannibals, implicated in the baby eating bunch in the ‘PizzaGate Scandal.’ I immediately ‘privatised’ my clip.

The above drawing, is the original artists impression, drawn as described by the woman whom actually saw the unidentified man, carrying a child, close to the McCann’s holiday villa in Luz, Portugal. She clearly described his long dark hair. You can imagine my surprise when the following image was presented as that man, in the ‘PizzaGate’ film.




I immediately smelt a rat. I have since trawled through hours of McCann footage, filmed around the time of the event, and there is no trace of a drawing, remotely resembling the ‘PizzaGate Man.’

I have since heard seasoned Hoax Hunters, the likes of Professor Jim Fetzer, claim that it was when he saw the image of this guy – I am not sure if it is Podesta or Weiner – that he was convinced that the whole tale must be true. Jeff Rense, a man whom quickly becomes obsessed with these sort of capers and whose site is peppered with dozens of links to other clips, was in  wholehearted agreement with Fetzer.

It only took a couple of minutes to check out the original drawing and yet these two seasoned researchers are in danger of plunging into a trap which could create an enormous scandal, resulting in the censoring of the Web. Why are they being so careless?


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