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The Doors Of Perception Are Being Slammed In Our Faces

The Doors Of Perception Are Being Slammed In Our Faces

At the moment, one of the favourite keywords on Russian television is Perception. In particular the Western publics perception of Russia vis-a-vis their support for Assad in Syria.

Recent attacks on Putin, revolve around comparisons with Stalin and Hitler, which demonstrates that he has a similar megalomaniacal desire to reconstruct the Soviet Union and after that to take control of the whole wide world.

While over there in Valiant England, from where the White Knights stream forth to save the down-trodden and restore ‘Freedom’ to the huddled masses, the most biased and untruthful News service in the Western World, the BBC, continues to distort the ‘perceptions’ of the British, through the simple means of outright lies and in some cases, they have been caught out fabricating ‘News’ reports to suit the propaganda of ‘Guilty’ politicians.

The BBC is in fact an important element in the continuing War Crimes of the United Kingdom. Crimes which they should be exposing for what they are.

The fable of the so-called ‘Free Syrian Army,’ which is constantly presented as being made up of concerned Syrian people, must, at all cost be maintained, in order to justify David Cameron’s, ‘humanitarian’ decision to send in British paid Mercenaries or ‘British Special Forces,’ to start the campaign to destroy the Assad government and replace it with a ‘puppet’ government, which was waiting patiently in London.

A brutal decision, by Cameron,  which has lead on to these ‘concerned Syrian patriots’ seeing to the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of their own ‘beloved’ people and the dislocation of millions more, plus the total destruction of Syria, to ‘save’ them, knowing full well, that in elections, which were held under international observation, Assad wiped the floor with them.

The BBC has manipulated the perceptions of the British people, about Syria and Assad, not by referring to Assad’s alleged crimes before hostilities began, which could be used as justification,  that is, should they actually exist,  but with howls of his use of ‘barrel bombs’ and other tactics, which were deliberately targeting ‘his own people,’even  in the middle of total war, because like Putin he has ideas of grandeur. A case of, ‘Quick boys there’s a lull in the fighting, go get the ‘barrel bombs’ and slaughter a few more of our own people?’ I don’t think so.

During the Scottish referendum for Liberty, the BBC presented a biased version of events, including the ‘pretend’ loss of connection with London, when the ‘wrong’ kind of placards were visible behind their reporter.

They displayed the same bias over Brexit and after that, their vilification of Donald Trump was every bit as extreme and distorted as was that of Sky News, where, to this day, they present an edited clip of Trump, implying that he had said something which he had not said, in other words they conspired to influence, our ‘perceptions’ of a man whom has since been elected as President of the United States.

The British are ultimately responsible for all of the mayhem in the Middle East, which is as a result of the ‘strange’ British decision to GIVE, Palestine to Baron Rothschild, while at the same time dissecting the entire region, in a manner which would suit the future aims of the Rothschild family. Even as they were busily doing the same thing to Germany.

These folk always plan ahead, in this case their ‘real’ intentions were displayed, when in 1933, they presented the election of Adolf Hitler, with a Jew declaration of war,  in much the same manner as they are now greeting the election of Donald Trump, in the United States.

While at the same time, events in Russia, which took place under the cover of the Great War, were given little publicity. Slight mention was made of the genocide in Ukraine and the clearances of Crimea, but no mention of Cheka or the brutal genocide of Christians.

All of this was part of the advance towards Israel. Russia was controlled by Jews. Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky and Yagoda all of them Jews and so having been presented for a while as the Red Menace, as the build-up to World War Two progressed, Stalin was being quietly armed by the British and the United States.

Stalin was then magically transformed into the hero who had saved the entire world from the Germans. He quickly laid the blame for many of the missing millions of Russians’, including those whom died during the Holodomor, in the Ukraine, at Hitler’s door.

In ‘payment’ for his efforts, which included calls for his Red Army to rape and murder as many Germans as they possibly could, a bloody strategy which was well-known by the Allies, whom not only chose to ignore what was taking place but took part in it.

Eisenhower, the Swedish Jew, set up his own Gulags, in the Rhine Meadows and casually, in full view of the whole wide world, starved one and a half million German children and old men to death, while the BBC and others continued to manipulate the perceptions of the British,  to the point where to this day, they are incapable of seeing the reality of the horrendous slaughter, for which they congratulated themselves for having committed.

The victors then held a discussion in Yalta, where they once more divided to conquer, those whom they had come to save. Eastern Europe was calmly handed over in abeyance, to Stalin while a blanket of silence quietly descended to obscure the continuation of the Bolshevik culling of Christians.

Joseph Stalin, the ‘man whom had saved the world,’ quite suddenly became the most hated and dangerous man in the world, while the same Bolsheviks quietly manipulated a coup d’etat in China, a close neighbour of Russia. Throughout all of this, British Socialists, the Wedgewood-Benns and Harold Wilson and Attlee and others all went to pay homage to Moscow

Having completed that,  attention turned back to Europe, where the preparations for the coming coup d’etat were already under way, the construction of the Bolshevik Soviet Union of Europe. All of the familiar faces were involved in this project, including the man ‘perceived’ to be the Greatest Britain of All Time, Winston Churchill. The list of the guilty is below, all of these people were involved in the construction of the European Union.

Operating in parallel with the Fabian Society was the Milner Group, an association of left-wing bankers, financiers and political leaders revolving around Rhodes-Rothschild interests and represented by public figures like Lord Alfred Milner, an employee of the Rothschild’s.


The Milner Group was in turn allied with associated interests on America’s East Coast, known as the Eastern Establishment and revolving around Wall Street interests like J P Morgan and the Rockefellers. This Milner-Eastern Establishment combine is what historians like Carroll Quigley have called the “Anglo-American Establishment” (Quigley, 1981).


The power of deception and disinformation has reached supreme heights, in the control of our perceptions of the European Union. In the recent past, Comey the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, was asked how much more evidence of guilt and corruption, he would need in order to charge Hillary Clinton. Comey had no answer, because the evidence was so overwhelming, there could be no answer other than his own complicity in a cover-up.

The same question arises over the European Union. While in the British Parliament, all sides are seeking an excuse to deny the sacred Democracy, which chose to leave this Bloc, insisting that to so do, would ruin the British economy. The question therefore must be how much evidence of the fact that the destruction of the British economy has already taken place, is necessary to convince the politicians, who carried out this destruction, that they have achieved a great victory?

The only country in Europe, which has been allowed to retain its industry, is the country which is obliged to continue to pay Israel, billions of Euros annually, as reparation for something, which they allegedly did to the very folk, whom are themselves responsible for the greatest mass murders in recorded history and whom at a time when the alleged crimes of the Germans, had not yet been claimed, were inflicting a form of such bestiality and horror against the German people, that is unimaginable to a normal human being.

I offer you a link to a book by John Sack, written basically from the point of view that every perception, which he had received as a child about the behaviour of the Germans was true.

This was necessary in order to provide some sort of justification for the behaviour of the Jews. One of the Jew Masters of Terror, portrayed in this tale,  lives, or did so in recent times in Israel.

Sadly, in contradiction to this ploy, of Jew claims of,  ‘we are the ones whom suffered the most, so we can do what we like,’ events in the Bolshevik Gulags,  graphically display similar Jew Commissar behaviour even before the outbreak of war in Europe, provided the Jews with an excuse to present themselves as ‘the biggest victims in the whole wide world, so there!

I couldn’t make myself read all of this disgusting tale, so be prudent.


Back to our perceptions of Europe. After fifty years or so of membership, the only benefits would appear to be that of ‘freedoms,’ which have always existed and owe nothing to the idea of a European Union. The freedom to travel and take holidays in Europe and to work, should work be available.

Having voted for Brexit, the British are now being inundated with scare stories about British Pensioners being evicted from the South of Europe, where they have chosen to spend their retirement.

This stupidity takes attention away from the missing industrial jobs. We are all being fed the rubbish about being a service economy. We are no longer ‘Traders,’ because we have little to trade.

My contention is and has been so for many years, that The European Union has been used to quite deliberately destroy Europe. All you need do is open your eyes, it has happened. Across Europe, from Portugal to Sweden and from Italy to Ireland, there are an incredible number of young people with no work and no hope of work.

In our schools, instead of arithmetic, children are being taught the ins and outs of buggery as they are being educated to refer to each other as neither boys and girls or male and female because a few kids are being trained to believe themselves to be of the opposite sex, from that to which they were born.

White children are being brain-washed into referring to themselves as slightly red or ivory or anything but White. White is now bad. Schools are being provided with colour charts, from which kids are being encouraged to choose the tint which corresponds with the colour of their arm.

This is the New Europe, where our very perception of ourselves is being manipulated through the use of textbooks written in the Tavistock Institute or the Frankfurt School. I will take this opportunity to confess, that many people believe that my perception of the world and current events, to be verging on the side of the clinically insane.

My next firm belief will no doubt reinforce this view, when I explain my belief that Eastern Europe, which was held in ‘abeyance’ has now been liberated from Soviet control into the claws of the Bolsheviks, whom through the use of their controlled media, are continuing to deceive us into believing their total control to be our freedom.

Our new perception of the Soviet Union, took place as prophesied by Lenin himself, whom declared that after seventy years Soviet Bolshevik Russia would meld seamlessly with Soviet Bolshevik Europe.

Margaret Thatcher and Gorbachev started the ball rolling, leaving the semi-stupid Ronald Reagan, to claim the victory of the Free West over the Bolshevik regime,  which both Britain and The United States, had been quietly funding, throughout the hard times, of the ‘Cold War,’ while they built up their control of Europe.

Having achieved their aims in one direction the European Union started phase two, the introduction of unrestricted immigration into Europe, even as they conspired to pass control of all and everything into the hands of the Bolsheviks, whom now control the distribution of food, water, power, both  electricity and oil, and they now actually own Europe and the United States, through debt, a debt which is illegal and should be rejected by our politicians, who instead, dutifully hand over anything of value to the Bankers, as payment. 

They are even now clearing  the Middle East, in order to seize control of the oilfields, and while the European sheep help them do it they are repaying us by organising mass immigration from Africa, which will be their next target.

They have taken control, through their puppets in the United Nations, of Natural Parks all over the planet and they will soon be demanding control of the Airports and all forms of Public Transport, which they have not already ordered to be privatised for peanuts. None of this would have been possible without the aid of complicit politicians.

Not too long ago, the Bolsheviks sent their tanks into Hungary, Poland and Czechoslovakia, to sort out resistance to their control. The Politburo in Brussels is now hastily demanding the construction of a European Army. Which argumentative Countries in Europe, will be the first to ‘benefit’ from a sudden attack from Central Command?

Perceptions, all across Europe, should most certainly be closely inspected, before we arrive at the end of the Road to Serfdom, which is the ultimate destination of International Socialism, on arrival, we will all be controlled by a self selected hierarchy, most probably established in Jerusalem.

In the United States, there is mounting evidence, that the Water Controllers, have been quietly poisoning their customers, creating a generation of sterile males and infertile women.  

Also, having through the discovery of an algorithm  in the human genome, which gives them the possibility to carry out a mass control of humanity, through the manipulation of brainwaves,  we are being forced into a position where we will be genuinely unable to accept anything as being true. Cell-Phone towers are already considered to be a hazard.

In the same United States twenty-two veterans are killing themselves every day of the week, while Congress has already passed a secret law which has allowed the installation of the ‘Path-Way To Death’ for the elderly. This is hidden in the pages of Obama’s finest achievement, Obama-Care. There is no telling where they will strike next.








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