A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Angela Merkel Knew Exactly What She Was Doing.


It is still being suggested that Angela Merkel’s kindness and pity for immigrants, not refugees mind you, immigrants, was an error. It was no such thing, it is part of a policy, which has been pushed for years.

Merkel’s good friend Nicolas Sarkozy did a while back, propose making it mandatory for White French women to mix with men other colours and should they refuse to do so, force would be used.

The policy of the European Union, is to swamp Europe with immigrants, this too has been openly stated. They tried to force all member states to accept a share of the millions of illegal refugees, whom had actually been funded to come to Europe, by hidden forces.

In the United Kingdom, only Ukip stood up against this stupidity, which the likes of Jeremy Corbyn insists, as do other European Politicians, that the Fabian Societies forward planning demands that immigration should be unlimited and that in the end, as do the Markets, it will sort itself out. These folk would do well to remember that the Markets normally sort themselves out by going bust.


Merkel has in fact achieved her aim. She has already destroyed the German people, whom she actually detests, she is of Polish origin, a Jew and a Communist.

She is controlled by the same Jew bureaucracy, which has controlled Germany since the end of World War Two. Which explains why Germany has been chosen as the primary target of immigration, because Jews have had a total hatred of Germany for centuries.


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