A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Modern Day Communism.



Modern Day Communism.

When the Bolshevik Jews, carried out their coup d’etat in Russia, in 1917, they took control of the largest country on Earth.

There is no way of figuring out what their ultimate intentions, regarding the society which they, through mass murder, deportations and indoctrination may have been. In terms of benefit for the people of Russia, it was a disaster.

Any notion that they were attempting to introduce a ‘Communist’ society, in the sense of the people of Russia owning everything, including the means of production, can be simply ignored. Implicit in Marx’s idea of Communism the ‘State’ owned everything, which in his terms and in the terms of Rothschild, who funded Marx, the ‘State’ consisted of the Elite.

Marxism is now the mainstream. For example, the European Union is under the same form of family control as was Bolshevik Communist Russia, which is why they have been ordering the Communisation of all major Utilities, into the hands of Our Rulers, the Elite Banking Families.

The actuality of Jew Bolshevik control in Russia, was the virtual imprisonment of the population into misery. Their central control of industry and agriculture was a disaster and it proved necessary to seek basic foodstuffs, from Western countries. Deals which were carried out in secret, to disguise the reality of the hypocrisy of the so-called ‘Cold War,’ which was itself no more than an excuse to justify the ‘scam’ of the massive production of Weapons of Mass Destruction, which served no purpose whatsoever, apart that is, from massive profits for the Weapon Shops.

The same Bolsheviks have now set themselves up in Israel, where despite their claims of superiority and ‘special status,’ in the eyes of God, they have done no better in their management, after their coup d’etat, than they did in Russia. They are once more unable to support themselves and as usual find it necessary to hold out their familiar begging bowl.

They believe, that when they have managed to take control of the oil resources of the entire Middle East, while at the same time their agents in the United States continue to support a clampdown on oil production over there, even as they are attempting to carry out ‘regime change’ in other oil-producing States like Venezuela, in order to control the oilfields, the Bolsheviks in Israel will at last be in a position to support themselves. This is the measure of the selfishness of Israel, a State which is prepared to destroy, whomsoever stands in its way, to reap benefit for themselves.

A similar Bolshevik coup d’etat in China, apparently, necessitated the culling of an estimated one hundred million souls and the imposition of a ‘One Child’ policy, which has completely destroyed the demography of China.

The Bolsheviks then found themselves, as usual, unable to deliver what their ‘Communism’ offered and in order to finance the continued operations of the usual hidden elite, it became necessary to import, from the United States and Europe, the industries, which they had bought, using the Usury, which is called Income Tax, in the lying world of ‘Democracy,’ into China, thus leaving Europe to fall apart.

Having set themselves up in Russia, Israel, China and Eastern Europe, the stage was then set for Western Europe, the part of Europe which was, more or less, working and which could support itself, which quite simply, had to be taken down.

Europeans, retain this strange belief, that their ‘elected’ governments are in some way working for them. This is a stupidity. Right in front of their eyes, politicians, all of them, have been and are being Elite controlled since the early twentieth century. They are mere ‘puppets.’

The first step, in the ‘taking of the World, kicked off after the Great War, when the bankers attempted to install their first control of the World system, called The League of Nations.

At the time, there were still enough independently minded politicians to put a stop to these attempts to seize control, however a couple of decades later, with the assistance of Fabian Society operatives in place, in the United Kingdom and India and the cruel decision to hand Eastern Europe into the grip of their Bolshevik comrades and the destruction of the Nationalists resistance in Germany, Spain and Italy, taken care of, the United Nations made its appearance.

The United Nations is little more than the head office of Jew Bolshevik World control. The control of everything is gradually, with the direct complicity of elected politicians, being taken over by the United Nations.

Behind the scenes of the United, there is no group of altruistic, free thinking folk, whom are looking after the welfare of all of its members, even in the Assembly, the Ambassadors, have no real power, apart from, the five permanent members, with their veto, which is used to put stop to any renegade action. All of the permanent members, The United Kingdom, The United States, France, Russia and China, are all fully controlled by Bolsheviks.

Lurking behind the Assembly, the real Board of Leaders, whom are, surprise, surprise, the Banking Families, whom thanks to Usury and with the assistance of unbridled Capitalism, can genuinely claim to own all and everything, including you and me, which through the manacle of a non existent debt, they can now decide whether we are fit to live or die.

In the United States and other places, laws have been passed, permitting the ‘chipping’ of those suffering from ‘mental problems.’ This is no more than the opening salvo in a campaign to ‘chip’ us all. The next step, anybody accused of a crime, will be automatically chipped, whether they are found guilty or not.

After that, no more cash. At which point they will have us by the balls, this will initiate the system of payment by ‘Chip’ or ‘Smart-Phone.’ Which will allow them to ‘switch us off’ whenever they so choose.

Communism was presented as a means of the people calling the shots, after all, don’t WE, own everything? Well no, WE, end up owning nothing at all. No land, no home, no business, no private transport apart from a bike, everything else will be handed out by the ‘Ministry’ according to our needs.

A few years ago my ideas were considered to be laughable, however as things have advanced more and more people, particularly those over forty years of age, are coming to realise that we have all been fooled again.

Even the current immigration problem has been constructed by those whom wish to breed us all into stupidity, by mixing the Races, only they will remain pure. So it is written, by them of course.



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