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Identity Crisis Horror And Other Fake News.



Identity Crisis Horror And Other Fake News.

There is something sinister, in the straight-faced announcement, by the German police, that the terrorist, who was allegedly behind the wheel, of the truck, which ploughed through Christmas shoppers at a street market in Berlin, dropped his identity papers in the hi-jacked truck.

Having just been informed by the same police, that the man was on their terrorist list, but that he could not be deported because he had ‘no papers’ is even more bizarre.

The Police would have been obliged to accept whatever information, the suspect presented as to whom he was and should he have some sort of identity papers, in his possession, one can only speculate as to why he had been given these papers and then released, if he was in fact on a list of those awaiting deportation, due to his links with terrorist groups.

This whole episode stinks of police attempts to cover-up the identity of the ‘guilty’ by arresting a man, whom was held in custody for just long enough, to allow them to discover, or place the papers of the ‘new’ suspect, which could well have already been in their possession, having interviewed the Tunisian, Anis Amri, who is now accused of the crime, having prepared his papers themselves, which he handily then dropped, under the seat, of the truck.

This could well turn out to be another case of the guilty, being ‘a man we never see’, as with the strange case of the Kouachi brothers, whom after the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, ‘dropped’ their identity papers, in a stolen car, only to steal another car, giving the police the opportunity to find the papers, in the first stolen car, were gunned down, by police, in an isolated industrial zone.

The police, then presented a photo of a man, allegedly one of the Kouachi brothers, who was involved with French security services, which had already been released as being the man, Merah, yet another ‘terrorist’ who worked for the Security Forces, whom was summarily gunned down, in his own home, by the police in Toulouse,

After the truck attack in Nice, France, the photo of the truck driver – whom like the Kouachi brothers and Merah, was never seen – bore an uncanny resemblance to the second, unseen, Kouachi brother.

So Amri, joins a long list of careless terrorists, going all the way back to 911, whom have managed to provide the police with evidence of their identity, none of whom have ever been seen, either dead or alive.

It goes without saying that identity cards could have been stolen, and deliberately planted or indeed they could be forgeries, they could depict dead people, who are known to be dead by the police or they could depict an image from Facebook.

Whatever the reason for these identity cards being found at the scene of a crime on so many occasions, it must be such a common occurrence to lose them, that police stations all over Europe, must be up to the rafters in lost pieces of identity.

Should my lost identity card be found in such a situation, I would certainly be running for cover, as the survival rate for the owners of such identity cards, is virtually nil, coming out with your hands up has become a sort of death wish.

What I have just written, corresponds with events as they happened. I have already posted the photographs which were used several times by the French police as evidence of different crimes. However my journalism is now coming under fire from the mainstream media, which in discussions about ‘fake news’ only discuss those like me, who suggest an alternative possibility.


Sky News, this morning carried out a discussion, on fake news, which complained about Donald Trump, making claims which were untrue, about how the election system in the US works, because it is suddenly being reported as being faulty, because Clinton, who has made strenuous efforts to change the result, unreported by Sky, allegedly won the popular vote.

They failed to mention the Fake News’, which they have been presenting, with the use of edited clips, changing the sense of what Trump actually said.

Fake News is also a problem of non-disclosure, which allows Sky News to present biased news from Aleppo, all of it unproven and based on hearsay, which was repeated by the BBC and a Syrian group based in Coventry, but denied by an independent reporter on the ground, who was not interviewed on Sky.

Sky News is an outlet which is still presenting the White Helmets in Syria as heroes, even as they have been caught fabricating their efforts to save people in Syria. Sky along with the BBC, while condemning Russia and Syria, for events in Aleppo, while there has not been a mention for weeks about the desperate situation in Mosul, where the Allies are brutally attacking Iraq’s Free Iraqi Army.

They also presented evidence of people smuggling in action, telling viewers it was a rescue mission, seeking to save migrants from drowning. Even as the boat turned up, in the middle of filming, to recuperate the life-jackets and the Zodiac rubber boats.

These people and Facebook of course, are the people whom are being given the power to decide what is real and what is fake. Along with several groups, including those controlled and funded by George Soros and all of which funded Clinton’s election campaign.

What gives these politicians, the idea that they can decide what we should see or read? Sky News even now is pushing the notion that thousands of Brexiteers have changed their mind, because they did not know for what they were voting. I have yet to hear any mention of remainers, who have changed their minds having realised that things were better,  even before the UK had actually left the EU, which boded well for the future.


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