A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Fake News Photo Of The Year.


emaciated jews



The above photo was used by the British Newspaper, The Daily Mail, to illustrate the plight of the Jews, during World War Two. The photo was taken during the ‘liberation’ of a Concentration Camp, by American troops.

All claims of so-called Fake News, which are being generated  by the propagandist, established Press itself, need to be verified as being fake and those whom have just released a list of the names of on-line sites, deemed to be presenting lies as news, should now allow those, like myself, whom are being vilified, to present our own list, of the purveyors of Fake News and the Free Press, should be obliged to present our findings.

Take another look at the Daily Mail photo. It is a total fake, it is in fact a still from a Hollywood film, made by Jews and packed with a cast of Jews.

It is representative of a claim, with which the British and other European governments, are in total agreement, that six million Jews were gassed by the Germans, during World War Two.

To demand evidence of the truth of these claims, is now being deemed to be a criminal offence. That is the measure, of the depth of hypocrisy, of our ‘truthful’ politicians and Free Press. A Free Press, which is in the main, a monopoly of those whom would have us gaoled for questioning what they present as truth.

Having chosen to contest a claim made about the above subject on the Daily Mail, I received the Email warning posted below.    Happy Christmas.



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