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Time For The British To Make The World A Better Place.



Time For The British To Make The World A Better Place.

The alleged attacker on the Christmas market in Berlin, has been shot down in Milan.

The immediate Fake News outlets are asking the question, as to how he could have travelled, so easily, from Germany, through France to Italy, when the first question should be, ‘where is the evidence connecting a dead man in Italy to the event in Berlin?’ All of the ‘evidence’ is based on the tale of ‘dropped’ identity information.

As was the ‘fake’ news of the ‘death’ of Osama Bin Laden, when everything with which we were presented, was such total balderdash as to be less believable than tales from beyond the grave.

Both of the recent incidents, which took place in and around Turkey, the death of a Russian Diplomat and the downing of an aeroplane in the Black Sea, are being played down, because in both cases fingers are pointing towards Israel.

After the 911 attack in New York, the guilty were quickly arrested and then sent back to Israel, that is the default reaction to Israeli terrorism.

In London, the British Parliament, which countenanced the arming of rebels in Syria, to save the Syrian people from a massacre, at the hands of the Assad regime, consider themselves to be “friends” of the most vicious, brutal regime in the Middle East, Israel. No sign of support for the desperate victims of Israeli aggression in Gaza and the theft of their property by the brutal regime in Tel Aviv. There are more UN motions against Israel than against any other rogue State and yet Benn, calls action for one against Syria.

The disgusting British, whom have themselves been responsible for more brutal massacres than any other modern State, apart from the Jew Bolshevik regime in Russia, are always getting things wrong. They are forever accidentally killing hundreds of thousands of those they set out to ‘save.’ When will they ever learn?

While there were still two bricks, one on top of the other still standing in Syria, the British, whom actually planned the attack on Syria a couple of years before it happened, managed to send in the bombers to destroy as much as possible of the Syrian infrastructure, even as the ‘invisible’ terrorists were trucking millions of gallons of oil, through Turkey to Israel, graphically demonstrating the total disdain for the suffering of the Syrian people, felt by David Cameron and his controllers in the City of London.

Despite all of this, the British people, relentlessly vote, time after time, for the same Masters of Terror, in their General Elections, relying on the deceitful Fake News, coming at them from all sides, to convince them of their ‘good intentions,’ when if they could only wake up and kick out the ruling filth, once and for all, they could change the world over-night. Let’s hope the British people can unitedly, make that their New Year’s Resolution.


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