A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Fake News! Fake News! Read All About It! Fake News!

Fake News! Fake News! Read All About It! Fake News!

The cries of ‘Fake News’ aimed at the ‘alternative to lies media,’ by the mainstream, has proven to be the most disastrous and misjudged, effort to smear those whom have exposed the depth of the lies and deception, delivered daily on television news and in the fast failing daily newspapers.

The result of this faux pas has been to give us a golden opportunity to highlight the relentless, barrage of misinformation, with which we have been bombarded for generations.

Even as Russia, have taken over the mantle of the Champions of Freedom, they still celebrate, what they refer to as The Great Patriotic War, which was their victory against Hitler, when in fact it was no such thing.

Russia was part of a conspiracy to destroy Germany and without massive assistance from those other merchants of ‘fake news’ the British and Americans, the Germans would have wiped the floor with them.

As Putin was saluting the remaining veterans of Stalin’s murderous campaign, with its ‘Kill! Kill! Kill the Germans bloodthirsty war cry, across the ocean in Hawaii, Obama was busily lying about the attack on Pearl Harbour, in which the Jew Roosevelt, knowingly allowed over two thousand American military to die, in order to generate an excuse to join the Russians and British in the long-planned destruction of Germany.

The Germans have been the all-time biggest victim of this ‘fake news,’ they have and still are being blamed for all and everything. The united forces of evil in ‘free Europe’ will gaol anyone who dares to question the ‘official’ version of events during World War Two.

Sky News, the award-winning creator of ‘fake news reports’ was today reporting from North Korea, a woman reporter, with a voice which sets the teeth on edge, Katie Stallard, in a dumbfounding manner, sneeringly informed us that the Korean people were obliged to accept the official version of their history and that they were too damned obsessed with their leader. God Save The Queen! And whatever you do don’t mention the holocaust. Can these idiots hear what they are saying?

I can guarantee that what most people believe about events leading up to and after World War Two would qualify as ‘fake.’ What has been done to the German people for seventy years, by those whom still have crimes to hide, qualifies as the most evil and disgusting act of barbarity in modern times.

To now find that those whom gained from this sick deception, which has psychologically destroyed the spirit of the German people, are even now turning their attention towards the rest of us, without a word from elected politicians, who most surely are not so stupid as to not be aware of what is going on, should prove to be the last straw for the sleeping millions of White People.


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