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2016: The Year Of Fakery Disclosure.

2016: The Year Of Fakery Disclosure.

My education taught me to believe that the ideas of past ‘great’ thinkers, had now been proven, to have been accurate, through the use of modern science,

This notion has now been completely blown out of the water, by the dangerous act of asking simple questions. By doing this, it is possible to show that highly qualified scientists, are incapable of doing anything other than to repeat, those things which they were obliged to accept as proven, during the process of gaining their degree.

The BBC demonstrated this fake science, in a Melvin Bragg program, discussing Kepler and his idea of the motion of the universe. One of Bragg’s guests stated that proof of Kepler’s ideas, had been provided by Newton and his investigations into the force gravity.

Sadly Newton’s Law of Gravity, has never been proven, ergo Kepler’s notion that the earth is spinning around a universe, under the control of a ubiquitous gravity, which has been accepted as being true, by the scientific community, remains an unproven ‘theory.’

One of Kepler’s more interesting thoughts, which has been one of my own for some time, was the question of what would the earth look like to people who lived on the moon?

Imagine my surprise, when I found that not one of the men whom landed on the moon, bothered to take a decent snap of the earth.

They had time to film themselves, in black and white, skidding around in the moon buggy and playing golf but not so much as a couple of frames of the planet earth spinning, in order to provide proof of the accuracy of that other old instrument, the Pendulum of Foucault, which remains as the only ‘proof’ that the earth is in fact spinning at one thousand miles an hour.

I can hear you all asking, in astonishment, the question, why with thirty-six-thousand satellites, spinning around the planet, is there not one film of the earth rotating?

There are many other strange discrepancies in the education, which we have all accepted as having been scientifically proven, otherwise our lecturers would, of course, have warned us that we were dealing with mere theories, which we were free to decide, for ourselves, whether they were ‘truth’ or simply unproven ideas.

Science is aghast at the very idea of such freedom of thought and expression and have simply adopted the position, that they have the support of men of earlier times, whom without instruments, simply decided that in order to suit their own particular ideas, as to how things worked, other things, ‘must’ be so, in order to ‘prove’ their own basically, garnered out of thin air, day dreams.

We are now living in the 21st Century, we have access to all of the worlds knowledge, in computers and smart-phones and yet the ridiculous notion that the earth is ‘not’ a globe cannot be debunked. Worse still the ‘proof’ that it is a globe, in 2016, still depends on Kepler, Galileo and Pythagoras or Aristotle or some other Greek philosopher.

I first stumbled into the middle of this sort of nonsense, when I suggested that Evolution was an unproven theory, and that the complexity of the tiniest molecule, which was supposedly the origin of all life forms on earth, was so complex in itself, as to confound the idea that nano-technology, of such intricacy, could possibly have occurred by chance, from available materials, which would themselves have been necessarily complex, before they became necessary to play their own part in ‘evolution.’

It is clear that the whole notion of evolution, falls apart under questioning, the only desired and necessary ingredient, in the work of Darwin, being, the idea of the Survival of the Fittest, which justified the ideas of Marxist Communism, and of those whom wished to cull the weakest out of existence. The first outing of this philosophy was put into practice, by the Bolsheviks’ during the coup d’etat in Russia in 1917.

Sadly, science has always been controlled by those who pay for the research. This was graphically demonstrated by the Climate Research Unit, in the United Kingdom, where scientists, funded by the United Nations, were caught out deliberately falsifying statistics, to suit the idea of Global Warming. The lie was exposed and yet the lie, is still being presented as truth, to this day.

I have hardly scratched the surface of the ‘fakery’ with which we have been presented since our childhood. There is either an incredible truth, the knowledge of which we are being denied or there is no such thing as certainty, which means we are in fact living in a form of total chaos.

Wherever you choose to explore, there is only mystery to be found. Newton, for all his fame, simply looked at things and arrived at conclusions, which have been taught in classrooms as scientific theory, which we were assured were as a good as truth, while not being so.

A scientist, with a reassuringly long list of degrees and diplomas, did, when it was suggested to him by a student, that gravity did not exist, laughingly replied, ‘There was this chap, standing rigidly stuck to the earth, suggesting there to be no such thing as gravity.’ For the ‘scientist’ this was proof enough of gravity, without any explanation as to how this proved Kepler’s theory of a Universe in Motion, propelled by gravity, which also depended on the rotation of the earth, which was ‘proven’ by Foucault, with an instrument, which would itself be quite clearly affected by the rotation and would be unable to ignore such movement, in order to prove the rotation.

Everything is fake. What has become of ‘Peak Oil?’ The hole in the Ozone, that only certain scientists knew how to observe? How can simple arithmetic arrive at a result of 6-3=6? Where was the Moon Buggy stored on the moon lander? Where is the evidence of men in cumbersome space suits assembling it? All of these things are fake.

Yesterday I saw a report about the man whom allegedly drove a truck into a Christmas market in Berlin. He was said to have passed through France and on into Italy, where he did, for some strange reason, choose to become involved in a gunfight in which he was eliminated.

The evidence that he had indeed passed through France, was provided by a CCTV image of person, who could have been anyone, his face was turned away from the camera and he was indistinguishable from any other person walking by and yet this image is now proof of identity and verification of the theory, that this was indeed the man whom had dropped his identity card in a lorry, in which he could well have simply hitched a lift.

My notion is of course, a conspiracy theory, whereas the Police version is gospel truth. That is the method of passing fake information as reality.

The biggest fake of all is Money. Everything you have been educated to believe about the Monetary System is a lie. I was yesterday confronted with an idea, by a character called Max Keiser, who suggested that an increase in the value of the Dollar would cause a fall in the price of oil. He explained how oil was bought and sold using the petrodollar, which is the Dollar. So why would the buying power of a currency change, surely it is the price of oil which changes, the value of the dollar itself is immaterial or is there something which I cannot get my head around?

Why am I so confused by all this? Do you begin to see how easy it is to glibly pass a piece of apparent nonsense as fact?

At this moment, the most vociferous dispute, involves the ‘theory’ of the Globe Earth. There is not a jot of evidence ‘available’ in support of the claims. As with many things which I have not already mentioned, there is no room for discussion, you must accept, without evidence, all of the claims, which just happen to coincide with the ideas of men of long ago.

Along with many other people, with whom I have been in contact, we set out to show quite clearly that it was evident that the earth was a globe. Who would want to believe that this notion is fake?

I have taken a look at every single image available on-line, of the earth, they are all ‘fake.’ That is not to say that there are no images somewhere, that are true images of a globe earth, they are however, not available to you and me.




I could blather on and on all day with dozens of examples of the fakery, which were installed in our brains, while we were small, impressionable children. There is no sign of a provable truth, we have been totally conditioned to believe a narrative which is arrant nonsense, a narrative which needs a supreme effort of will, to expurgate from our minds.

Our elected politicians play an important part in the deception of the masses. They lie about the fake monetary system. They lie you into illegal wars. They lie about the actions of others as part of the deception. I once believed them to be in fear of telling the truth, however I now believe them to be playing a principal role in our coming destruction.

I am suspicious about all and everything these days. It was this morning announced that there was to be a cease-fire in Syria and that talks would be taking place between Russia, Turkey, Iran and Syria, the terrorists were being excluded. The talks would be held in Astana, Kazakhstan, which is Rothschild’s new capital of Zionism. Why has this location been chosen?


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