A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Are We Human Or Are We Brain-Dead? Let’s Hear It For Real Masculinity And Femininity.


Are We Human Or Are We Brain-Dead? Let’s Hear It For Real Masculinity And Femininity.

Why is there no Europe-Wide discussion about the change of attitude of our politicians, to population levels, which during the 60’s and 70’s we were warned were getting out of control and would soon reach dangerous, unsustainable levels. As a result of this ‘worry’ and to remedy the problem, the ‘pill,’ free condoms and coils were offered and the final solution to all those White babies, was abortion on demand.

Having taken this action to heart, we are now being told that there is apparently no limit to the sustainability of the population of Europe, just so long as they are not of White European origin.

There has been no attempt whatsoever to encourage those, oh so clever, promotion hungry, selfish White women, to have more babies, there has been instead a total lack of protection of the advancement of their ‘careers,’ having made the ‘sacrifice’ of having a baby or two, to protect the future of White Europe.

Why has this silence been maintained, by politicians, the media and indeed the ‘intelligent’ women themselves, whom are now to be found, ‘rolling in the gutters, drunk,’ when once upon a time they would have been at home worrying in case their children, were behaving in such a disgusting manner, calling it ‘having a good time.’

I would suggest that warnings, that within a generation, the Peoples of Europe will have been reduced to such a low-level that recovery will be impossible. There are elected politicians, in the European Parliament, calling loudly, for the extermination of White people, without any response from those by whom we are, allegedly, being represented.

The situation is so serious, that it should be ‘front page news’ and yet there is a total, blanket of silence on the subject. I been questioning the policies of elected European politicians, of all persuasions, for some time. In France there is a total silence, by all sides, including the Front National, on the subject.

This problem is apparent across the entirety of the European Union. A problem which they are telling us can only be resolved by allowing as many immigrants who want to come, free entry into Europe.

Surely, to resolve such a problem, that is if they actually wanted it solved, would have been to tempt women into having a third child, by offering a special bonus, a tactic which was used, very successfully in France by General De Gaulle.

But no such action was attempted, demonstrating, quite clearly, that our elected politicians have no interest, whatsoever in saving our Peoples from being ‘Browned’ out of existence.

This aim is a long-standing part of the manifesto of the Fabian Society and International Jewry, which declared, quite openly, its intention of obliterating the German people, having already murdered fifty percent of Russian Christians and they have now, through abortion and other tactics, murdered a hundred million more Christians, whom they are now intent on replacing with Muslims.

Should the seriousness of the problem, be presented to the Peoples of Europe, and efforts made to solve it, instead of presenting the low birth rate as being inevitable, that the so-called emancipation of women, which caused a huge reduction in the salaries of men, to a point where it does not adequately look after the needs of a family, both husband and wife are now obliged to work, to do so.

The average working person, in Europe, is obliged to accept a soul-destroying, boring job to simply survive. This is called a career. To suggest to a young girl, sitting behind a check-out all day, that she is infinitely better off doing that, than she would be at home cooking special surprises, for a couple of kids, is a denial of the value of mother-hood itself.

There are institutes, such as the Tavistock Institute, which are intent on destroying family life. To all intents and purposes, they have succeeded. They proposed divorce on demand, having already replaced Daddy, with their Welfare State, the object of which was to facilitate the immigration of Black people, whom would never work, and to reduce the number of White children, while even now immigrants from the Middle East, are laughingly warning White Europe, that they will out-breed them, with the help of State handouts, and that they will soon take over Europe through the use of their genitals.

All across Europe, politicians are lying about the numbers of immigrants living amongst us. There are already six million living in London, yet official figures suggest this to be a gross exaggeration.

Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Montpellier and many other French towns, have enormous immigrant populations and they continue to arrive daily. France already has an unemployment rate of at least thirteen million people.

Common sense would suggest that to continue to spread the Social Security budget, amongst such an enormous number of people, while at the same time allowing hundreds of thousands more to enter France annually, is impossible. This policy can only lead to disaster.

The United Kingdom is already saturated to the point of collapse. It was to avoid this situation that the British people were lead to believe they were supposedly avoiding,  by reducing the population.

The intentional policies of the European Union, has destroyed agriculture, both in Britain and Ireland, to the point where neither of them can now feed themselves, should any disaster arise. We have elected ourselves, through the sham of Democracy, into a corner, from which we will very soon be unable to escape.

British politicians are proudly telling the British people, that the United Kingdom is now a post-industrial economy. They fail to mention that there is no example of such an economy, which can function, while at the same time being obliged to import all of its needs, including foodstuffs.

They feed the lie that the City of London financial services will keep the economy on track. How they will perform this miracle is never explained. Europe has been living on printed money for decades, which exposes the lie that the financial services will solve the problem.

Trade solves the problem, financial services drains money out of the system, it contributes very little. Ask yourself how long a village could continue, should the inhabitants be reduced to borrowing from one villager, to repay a loan from another, whether with interest or not.

Quite quickly useless IOU’s will be written, which will never be honoured, without the introduction of real money into the village.

The simple fact of the matter is that quite quickly all of the available money will end up in the same hands, that is how things work. The UK has a two trillion pound debt, where has all of that money gone?

Importing immigrants into a poverty-stricken country, is no different from printing money, which will be spent in these much vaunted services, most of which are owned by the same people who will be printing the money, who will finally demand control of cities as payment for the ‘debt.’

In the United Kingdom this is already in operation, where certain public spaces are now privately owned and the parks, like Hyde Park, will very soon be sold off to the criminal Bankers who are holding this false debt of trillions of pounds.


European leaders are preparing to sign Treaties with these Bankers, which will make it illegal to re-nationalise utilities which have been sold off as payment of a debt.

They will then continue with the very same economic system, which makes it obligatory to sell off assets to repay a debt, because there is never enough money available to repay the usury demanded by the Bankers, with the complicity of our politicians. It is all a gigantic racket and we are the victims. Politicians are well paid for doing nothing more than keeping their collective mouths shut.


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