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Rothschild Is On The Move Again.


Rothschild Is On The Move Again.

I have been suggesting for years that there are moves afoot by the Jews to set up home in the area surrounding Russia. Rothschild with world domination in mind, has been investing heavily in Kazakhstan, particularly so in the Illuminati City of Astana.

Alongside which we are now beginning to see one of the reasons behind the slicing of India into several pieces, one of the strangest, at the time, being East Pakistan, now called Bangladesh, which miraculously has a frontier, with China and Kyrgyzstan, a region rich in resources and which has just been implicated, without evidence of course, in the recent night-club attack in Turkey.

It is being claimed that the ‘Father Christmas’ killer was of Uighur origin, from a Muslim dominated region of China. What a surprise.

This is all beginning to look like the construction of the Eurasian Union, which has long been spoken of as being a Putin, Russian idea. Should the ‘belief’ that the killer in Turkey, was indeed from the Uighur region of China, it could well provide an excuse to do to China what has been done to the Middle East.

However the other plank in this project, is the building of a new Jew controlled Empire between the Baltic and the Black Sea of which Crimea, which has now become part of Russia, was a part. maybe it was given by order to Russia, who knows how these things work.

During World War Two, when Polish soldiers were Polish, which in many cases meant Polish and Jew, those whom served with the Russians, were some of the most bloodcurdling vicious bastards whom ever strode the earth.

These type are now back in action in the Donbass area of Ukraine, an integral part of my musings, concerning Bolshevik expansionism. There have already been hundreds of slayings of captured combatants in Donbass, whom before death suffered the same torture and dismemberment of bodily parts as were carried out by the Red Terror squads which were run by Jew Commissars, many of them Polish, against German military and even young girls, whom suffered unbelievable torture at the hands of ‘Polish’ butchers.The same treatment has recently come to light in Aleppo. Not too far away from Israel.

There is a huge area in North West China, just dying to be annexed into a New Empire for Baron Rothschild, who has already placed his obedient henchmen into positions of control, all that is now needed is the war which will signal that these things are about to take place.

Bankers never have too much trouble kicking off a war or two, they have, after all been responsible for every war during the past one hundred and fifty years or more.

Russia has started to pull Battle-Ships out of Syrian waters, who knows why they would do such a thing,  as the truce in Syria is coming under threat. We must keep our fingers crossed. There are so many things happening at once, that it becomes difficult to keep your eye on the ball.

Below is a paragraph or two from the Council on Foreign Relations website, a group which is controlled from Chatham House and the Royal Institute for International Affairs, which was set up by Lord Milner as part of Rothschild’s control system for world domination:

XUAR (Xinxiang Uighur Autonomous Region), or East Turkistan, is a territory in western China that accounts for one-sixth of China’s land and is home to about twenty million people from thirteen major ethnic groups, the largest of which (more than eight million) is the Uighurs [PRON: WEE-gurs], a predominantly Muslim community with ties to Central Asia. The Uyghur American Association (UAA) says that East Turkistan is a part of Central Asia, not of China. Some Uighurs call China’s presence in Xinjiang a form of imperialism, and there have been movements for independence since the1990s through separatist groups like the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), inflamed in part by large migrations of Han Chinese to the region.

These few words, which I came across by complete accident, while in search of a map of the region of China, of which I had been writing, did as if by magic, confirm everything which I had just written. It also demonstrates how Muslims have become the weapon of choice for the furtherance of Jew aims, as they did in Kosovo and across the Middle East and soon in Europe and the USA.


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