A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

More Trumped Up Garbage.


              More Trumped Up Garbage.

Todays News output was obsessed with yet another dose of allegations against Donald Trump, which gradually morphed into a ‘possible,’ huge problem for the President elect, should they be true and which were finally spoken of as if they were true.

Sky News, interviewed a spokesman, whom pointed out that these allegations, appeared out of the blue, from an unnamed ex-member of British Security, claiming to have been informed by a nameless member of the Russian Intelligence services, that they had heard about a dossier implicating Trump in some sort exhibition, involving paying prostitutes to play with each other, in a bed which had previously been occupied by Barack and Michael Obama, to satisfy some strange notion that this would, in some occult manner, pay Obama back for something or other.

The Sky journalist, listened to this nonsense, which like the claims that Michelle Obama is a man and that Obama has himself been blackmailed, throughout his Presidency, an ‘allegation’ which has never been discussed on Sky News, failed to point out to the spokesman that he was delivering his report, to the British public, as if it was based on fact, when it sounds more like a fairy tale.

In view of the recent claims of ‘fake news’ levelled at the likes of Sky News, and in order to avoid claims of it being simply more Fake News, being used as a last desperate attempt, to create an excuse to deny Trump the Presidency, would it not have been more prudent had Sky News distanced itself, just a little from such claims?

It should be remembered that the Clintons’ are life-long criminals, yet the allegations against them, which can be verified, are even now being pushed under the carpet, as Hillary, who is using every trick in the book to avoid a prison sentence and her husband Slick Willy, enjoyed a carefree life of rapes, settled out of court and endless trips to the paedophile Pleasure Island, is deciding whether to stand against De Blasio, as Mayor of New York.


Should blackmail be a feature of political life in the USA, there can be no other couple, in more danger of being controlled, than are the Clintons’

The Bush family, two of whom have been elected president, have been implicated in every crime in the book, including that of organising the invasion of Afghanistan, to protect the CIA controlled heroine trade, which had come under threat from the Taliban.

Bush Junior, is a War Criminal, for having based a murderous attack on Iraq, using the excuse of allegations, that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, which were not only false, but concocted, in order to generate an excuse, to take control of Iraq’s oil, which has since been pumped to Israel for two dollars a barrel.

Trump is a long way behind several previous, ‘Teflon,’ Presidents, whom have benefitted from the cover, provided by the same controlled Press, which is now trying desperately, to implicate Trump in any peccadillo, however improbable, hoping that the claims will stick.

We have hardly recovered from the nonsense that he had ‘mocked’ a handicapped man, coming from the actress Meryl Streep, whom has yet to master the art of ‘crying on demand’ as she acted out her sobbing, dry-eyed, rubbish about Trump, of which the likes of Sky News have yet to present the ‘available’ evidence of the nonsense which Streep spewed out.

The question on people’s lips, right now, is why there has been so little attention paid to the kidnapping and torture of a handicapped White Man by a bunch of Black Savages? That seems to pass under the Real News Radar of the controlled and obedient Gutter Press. Why no Soros funded Whites on the rampage against the real butchers on the streets of the USA, the Blacks, I wonder?


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