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David Irving Alive And Doing Well




David Irving: Alive And Doing Well

This morning, on Sky News, I witnessed the Fake News tale to end them all. The subject was an Observer/Guardian report about David Irving, that well-known Holocaust denier.

Irving, having lost a libel case against a British Newspaper, was being attacked once more for uttering certain forbidden truths about the Holocaust. It was suggested that having lost his libel case, he should have been shut down forever.

In his most recent interview,  David Irving explained how in fact, far from being shut down, he has been reaching millions of extra readers and has sold thousand of copies of his books, mainly to the young.

This was being discussed on the Sky News Newspaper Review. The Journalists involved were aghast at the impudence of Irving, to be peddling such Fake News after the number of times he has been presented with the facts of the holocaust and shown, in Court, to be a liar.

I watched this happening, on Sky News, the very same Sky News, which has been caught, red-handed, disseminating false news reports, I have personally reported a couple of them, particularly their manipulation of parts of Donald Trumps speeches, to distort, quite deliberately the intention of his words.

One of the reviewers actually stated that it was ridiculous, that professional Journalists, were being accused of Fake News reports, while those like Irving claim that people are finding the truth on-line.

These people live on a different planet, on which they failed to notice, or chose to ignore,  that not one of them dared to question openly on Sky News,  any of the utterances against Irving, as his remarks are automatically censored as being anti-semitic, meaning that even so much as a question about, that silly thing called truth, which apparently exposed Irving as a liar, dared not be asked. He is himself, legally bound to keep his mouth shut, even while being ridiculed on Sky News.

I was curious about these reports, so I took a look at the Observers article. It was all about his lodgings which were quite large, but he does not own them, his car, a Rolls-Royce, which was present and he admitted to receiving quite large donations from the public.

The most interesting part was a remark from the team of Solicitors, which was the very same Jew gang whom recently presented the anti-Brexit argument in the Old Bailey. I really like the expression, ‘you couldn’t make it up.’ I think this quote from the solicitors whom defeated Irving, is a perfect example of such a fabulous tale.

I’ve no idea of knowing if his claims about his newfound popularity are true or not but you’d have to be living under a rock not to see that this proliferation of racism and antisemitism is being disseminated by the internet.

This has nothing to do with freedom of speech. It’s about truth and lies.”

I’m sorry to admit, that every time I read that comment,  I burst out laughing. These Jew solicitors know full well, what the ‘real’ truth is and who or whom has been telling the Porkies.


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