A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Time Is Right For A Celtic Front.

       The Time Is Right For A Celtic Front.

For the life of me, I cannot understand why the Fake Media, has suddenly become aware of the use of torture, a fact of life which has always been with us but which is suddenly pre-fixed with ‘Do you think that Donald Trump, should allow it to be used?’

This question was asked in a viciously anti-Trump British ‘phone-in,’ discussing this issue, so would it not be more useful to ask whether it is right for the ‘British’ to continue to make use of this barbaric practice?

The British brutally tortured the Irish in Northern Ireland, well into the 1990’s. They waged an undeclared war against the Free Irish Army, which of course, unlike in Syria, where the British are arming the Free Syrian Army and encouraging them to take down an elected goverment, the Free Irish Army were considerd as ‘terrorists,’ whom may be tortured at will.

Along with tales of Irishmen being thrown out of helicopters, there were many more thrown out of windows on the second floor.

I suppose this hypocrisy provides yet another way of having a go at Trump, who of course has never condoned such a thing, he,  can be condemned for simply suggesting that he might, while the English Media keeps very quiet about those whom actually do it.

William Wallace, in historical times, was hanged by the neck for a while, then disembowled while still alive and was then attached to four horses, an arm or leg to each beast, whom were then whipped and ran off in different directions, tearing Wallace apart, while the English cheered wildly in appreciation of the spectacle, having been assured that Wallace was an ‘Evil Dictator.’

That was how the English dealt with a courageous Scottish attempt to gain independence, an aim which has yet to be realised.

The Irish were attacked a century after the death of Wallace, yet after seven hundred years of struggle,  neither of the Celtic States are fully free of the barbaric English and their lust for power and control.

Our cousins in Wales have been equally badly treated and remain relatively poor, as the mainstay of their economy, Iron and Steel and the Coke, necessary for the furnaces, have been wiped out by the English, who have decided that only India and China can now manufacture Iron and Steel, while child slaves in India carry the coal to market in baskets. The Fake Carbon Dioxide problem was used to justify this crime.

The time is right for a reunion of the three Celtic States. The world is going mad and the British have had their day. They have been destroyed by the vermin they allowed into the City of London and very soon, the way things are going, the English will be seeking shelter in the Celtic homelands.

They will be expecting to be treated as old friends and not as persecutors, torturers’ and genocidal scum whom have devastated our peoples’. The Irish and the Scottish have never recovered from the actions of the British down through the years.

While he was in Wales, even the Black Paul Robeson, was astonished at the state of the poverty stricken Welsh in the 20th Century.



Robeson also visited Scotland in 1949 and toured the pits, he also found time to sing a song of Joe Hill, a Union Man.


While in Ireland, he sang of the tragic death of Kevin Barry, who was lynched by the British, for being a member of The Free Irish Army.



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