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The Whole-Wide World Is On The Barrel-Head

The Whole-Wide World Is On The Barrel-Head

There is a strangely weird notion being pushed by certain people, that the Chinese are taking control of Hollywood and the theatre chains, which screen the movies.

This, it is claimed, would give a foreign power control of the propaganda, which is embedded in Hollywood movies, which would allow them to present Communist China in a favorable light.

This claim involves a firm of lobbyists, Rick Berman and Co, which is criticising the owners of a group which owns a movie theatre company, AMC, which is controlled by a Chinese Mogul, which is in the process of purchasing another theatre chain, Carmike, which would make AMC, which is already owned by a huge Chinese conglomerate, Dalian Wanda, the largest theatre chain in the States.

The AMC American spokesman, Adam Aron, claimed there to be nothing to worry about as the control of all propaganda would remain firmly in the hands of the American Hollywood Jews and that the Jew, Rick Berman could relax.

This whole situation is the inevitable result of having allowed the lies about ‘Global Warming’ to be used as an excuse to destroy European and American Industry, in order to reduce their ‘fabulous’ Carbon Footprint, and all of that baloney.

In the United States, a once productive nation, which has been reduced to Third World Status, in the name of saving the planet, vast amounts of money has been transferred to China, from where everything on sale in the States in now manufactured.

With the assistance of these vast sums of money, those men called Moguls in China, are buying America by the pound. They are in effect, using the American Peoples money,  to buy the American culture. This is not only happening in the States, it is a world-wide phenomenon.

In recent times I have interviewed a Chinaman and a Russian. I asked the Russian, from where he thought, the rich men, whom in Russia are called Oligarchs, had found the necessary millions of Rubles, to buy the Russian resources, when they were being auctioned off by Boris Yeltsin? He responded, ‘Why from Rothschild of course, where else?’ He believed that at least one of the Oligarchs, was himself a covert Rothschild.

I asked the Chinaman the same question, where had the cash-strapped Chinese Communists, found the necessary funds to install a hi-tech, modern industry, capable of manufacturing enough produce to satisfy the needs of the whole wide-world?

‘From the Jews of course, they have been in China ever since the coup d’etat against Chiang Kai-shek, ‘they’ financed the factories, in readiness for the passing of the ‘Free Trade Agreements,’ which they assured the Chinese would soon be in place.’ Was his response.

All of these claims of America and Europe being in a ‘post-industrial’ state and that they must accept that in future they will be no more than a service economy and mere customers, obliged to buy products, which they once made for themselves, from overseas manufacturers in order to survive.

This is in other words, telling us that the Jews have used ‘our’ money to buy everything ‘we’ own and which was the product of ‘our’ ingenuity. In London they have already bought open spaces in City Centres, while all across the world, the Jews whom control the United Nations have grabbed all of the World’s Historical National Treasures and National Parks, with which they are free to with whatsoever they choose. There being not a single politician on the planet with the courage to point out this Jew take-over of the World.


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