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What Was The Order Taken All The Way To America By Theresa May?





What Was The Order Taken All The Way To America By Theresa May?

There was most certainly more to the hasty visit of Theresa May, to Washington, for a meeting with the ‘hated’ Donald Trump, than a desire to invite him to meet the Merovingian Queen from the Dark Ages, living in Buckingham Palace in London.


Like Tony Blair before her, May was just another traitorous, obeisant, mouthpiece, for the City of London, delivering a proclamation, from the top man in the City, to Donald Trump, the recently elected ‘renegade’ President of the United States.

I have no doubt that the first dossier, which was placed in front of Trump, after his election, was the one entitled ‘The Way It Is,’ laying out the cold hard reality that the United States, has long been a vassal State of the United Kingdom and he would interfere with this status quo at his peril.

Unlike all other Presidents of the US, Trump has been ordered to London, immediately after his election, much to the chagrin of the anarchistic deniers of democracy, who will no doubt line the streets of London in protest at his visit, simply because he has displayed a desire to do things in manner which could well interfere, with the cold-blooded operations of the drug running, war mongering and sex slavery trades of the ruling classes.

Trump is already showing signs of a wobble in his election promises, by displaying a distinct interest in the activities of the Chinese and the man-made island markers they are establishing in the South China Sea, by having his ‘oil-man’ Secretary of State, Tillerson, deliver a stern warning, which commentators, are already suggesting, has something to do with recently discovered oil reserves beneath the waves.

Trump promised to concentrate his efforts on making America Great Again, which involved taking care of business at home, where there are massive reserves of oil, suggesting there to be little need of worrying about what is going on in the Territorial waters of China.

Should the behaviour of China prove to be illegal, others are perfectly capable of sorting out the problem. There is no need for Trump to allow this situation to escalate to a point where two members of his team are threatening War against Iran and China, at the same time, so what has happened?

Well Trump has had a visit from a Friend of Israel, Mrs May, who promptly, on her return from Washington, had a visit from the charcoutier of Palestine Benjamin Netanyahu, who was himself greeted by demonstrators in London.

These things happen in this manner to avoid the interception of electronic messages, which are frequently ‘hacked.’ We can therefore only guess at the content of the conversations which passed between all three of these ‘leaders’ and to the input of the greedy, hard faced Elders in the City of London.

One thing is sure, greed has no limits, any perceived threat to the dominance of the greedy over the needs of the herd, has in past times resulted in war, to cull the sheeple and to make more wealth available for the gluttonous needs of the hungry money-men.

The British, while demonstrating against Trump and Netanyahu, are being duped into lending their support to the aims of the City of London and Israel, by fighting to continue the expulsion of the Peoples of the Middle East from their homelands, thereby culling the population of the region, in a three-pronged attack, which includes war, paid emigration and a Uranium contaminated home-land.

This is pretty much the same brutality, which was inflicted onto the people of Ireland, by the same City of London in the nineteenth century, when the cost of the voyage of the Irish into slavery was donated by the British, whom to this day, are still attempting to destroy Ireland.

Part of the plan was the introduction of Protestants into Ulster to lay the foundations of a ‘controlled,’ religious problem, much as they are now doing in their own homeland, where Muslims are already creating a religious divide.

The White British, as in,  those of White European origin, need only glance across the water to Ireland to observe the results of starvation, even as England is no longer capable of feeding itself, while the British Minister of War, is shaking his spear at Russia and Trump is doing the same to China and Iran.

Britain is now totally dependent on imported food. The British people, whom jeered as five-million Irish folk, died of starvation, not too long ago, as did an estimated eight-million people in Ukraine and untold millions in Bengal, all of them at the hands people like, Trevelyn, Churchill and Stalin, whom took their orders directly from ‘The City,’ which is a portal into hell, in which are to be found demons, and I am sorry to have to break the bad news to the British, who will throw you all to the wolves, without batting an eyelid, they detest your feeble acceptance of your own slavery.

Britain has not been under threat of invasion for centuries, yet ‘The City,’ had your young men march into a hail of machine gun fire, along with the cream of White European youth, in the Great War, while the Bolshevik Jews, slaughtered millions of White Christians in Russia, during and after the coup d’etat.

Twenty years later they again had you at war, this time the German White Christians were put to the sword, in the most brutal and barbaric manner, twenty million innocent people were sacrificed. So don’t fool yourself, when the time comes, you will be treated in exactly the same manner. Your rulers are not British.

All that matters to the City of London is profit and gain. Britain had a two-billion pound debt, with the Bankers, after the Great War. The British Government, religiously paid the interest on that debt for ninety years. In total they paid ‘unknown’ financiers twelve-billion pounds in interest, before George Osborne, ‘bragged’ about paying back the original two-billion pound debt. That is why the ‘City’ encourages war.

We are all now at the mercy of the Central Bankers, whom are being allowed to steal obscene amounts of money, out of the pockets of the working man, in taxes and interest. With this unearned money, they have achieved a virtual Communist style control of the world.

Communism was ‘never’ a means of improving the life of the workers, it was always a covert means of stealing the world and all of its resources, from under our noses.

The United Nations, which was itself established by the Bankers, has decided that we should all benefit from the minimum of certain key necessities, such as water, food and health care, all of them very laudable. That is until you fully understand, that they are not talking about hauling the poorest of people up to the level of the West, they intend to take us down to the level of the poor.

Obedient politicians in Europe, have, with alacrity, ‘privatised’ everything of value. What the politicians failed to hand over, was simply seized by the International Monetary Fund as payment of interest on loans, which were necessary because it became impossible for cash strapped countries, to finance their debt of interest with the Central Bankers, which immediately created the stupidity of borrowing money, in order to repay an existing debt of interest, with the very same Banks which in fact ‘own’ the International Monetary Fund. That is the true depth of the criminality.

The last Fake Crash, in 2008, was used to carry out the greatest ‘heist’ in history, in which the bankers stole trillions of dollars, in the process they wiped out the Middle Classes.

There is a new crisis looming. This time they will be stealing whatever remains to be stolen. Politicians have already written into law, permission to steal our money, which will be used to bale out the bankers once again. After which we will be expected to use plastic cards for payment, recording every transaction which could be taxable.

In certain Scandinavian countries there are already moves afoot, to give everybody a salary, in the form of a Social Payment. This is the first step down the road to a cashless society, in which we will all receive the same sum of money, whatever our profession, creating the Communitarian dream of equality, while the Chosen People will live in splendour, in their country mansions.

The rest of us will be lodged in communal quarters, where we will be allowed a bedroom, with a shared living-room, kitchen and bath-room. Such dwellings are already being constructed in Germany. Sounds like a nightmare to me.


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