A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Tales Of Women And Other Fabulous Creatures.


Just for once, a host on a Mainstream News program, posed the question, to which I have been seeking an answer for many years. ‘What was the point of aborting millions of White babies, claiming to be doing so, in order to the save the planet, only to be now supporting the aims of mass immigration?

The ecologist who received this question, gave no reasonable response to this question, with which he was presented in several different ways. My own position on abortion, is that it has long been used, as a weapon, against White People. Tucker Carlson did not go so far as to suggest the same thing, but he clearly smelt a rat.

Michael Brune, the ecologist, gave no sign of recognising the hypocritical position into which he had fallen, by calling for a fast track, to American Citizenship, for millions of illegal immigrants, whom could  rapidly fill the space left by all of those aborted babies, a crime for which he had given his full support. Am I completely stupid or am I missing something?

‘Women’s Rights’ have now come to mean, the ‘right’ to kill a baby child. During the recent Women’s March in Washington, which was dominated by the Abortionists’, whom refused ‘Pro-Life’ women a place in the parade, Madonna gave her support to this legal murder, soon after which she was again scouring Africa, for a couple more Black babies to adopt.


I sometimes wonder, as to whether, ‘caring women’, whom appear to be prepared to abort a child, at any point between the original moment of conception, all the way down the line to a ‘late term’ abortion, an act which is pure murder, as it involves killing the baby as it is actually being born, have any understanding of what is loosely called ‘compassion’ or whether they are totally numb in the head.

To all intents and purposes, many millions of White women have totally abdicated their role as ‘mothers.’ While those remaining ‘real’ women, whom are grimly holding out against the force of the hard-faced lunatics, whom are laughingly described as ‘Feminists’ despite their masculine demeanour, whom are making attempts to bludgeon them into submission, to what appears to be, a soon to be announced position of accepting an obligatory abortion at the hands of ‘Planned Parenthood.’




There would seem to be little point in appealing to the common sense of women, by attempting to explain to them, that their attitude has already played into the hands of those whom would do harm to their race. I look at the images of those women in the above photo and I doubt whether I would stand much chance of changing their minds about anything. They’re on a roll.

The above clip may well be pleasing to those women whom hoot with joy at every exaggerated cry and gesture from this creature Judd, whom will, when day ends, slope off to her posh pad, paid for with loot gained from her roles in films such as, ‘Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and ‘Tooth Fairy,’ where she can cringe, along with the rest of us, watching her pathetic performance for the Mob in Washington, before going back to her pastime, working for Women for Women and Equality, whatever that means to a fat cat. She will leave behind no offspring to help heal a future world. 

Now that many of these women, whom after divorce, have an almost total control of any children, with virtually no input from men, are prepared to leave their children in the care of strangers in Crèches or Infant Schools, where White children are being taught that they are not really white and are being encouraged to choose a tint from a colour chart which corresponds most clearly to their skin tone. What is wrong with White?

At the same time, suggestions are being made to children that they can deny their actual sex, by encouraging them to remain sexually neutral, until they reach an age, when irrespective of their sex organs, they can choose their preferred sex.The obvious outcome of this stupidity, while children seldom have a male teacher in schools these days, as a role model for boys and no father at home,  will be the feminising of confused little boys.

It is daily becoming more and more clear, that the lunatics have indeed taken control of the asylum. Children are growing up in the company of women, whom are in the main, living a life-style of shag til you drop, while in an increasing number of tragic cases, they are leaving a little child, at home alone or as in a recent case of a woman, who ordered her current boy friend, to shoot her baby in the head, to shut him up.


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