A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

We Are Living In The Twilight Of The White Race.






We Are Living In The Twilight Of The White Race.

The White Race is in a state critical decline. The reason for this state of affairs, rests firmly on the shoulders of White, emancipated, women, a majority of whom have always found their children to be a stumbling block, which denied them a challenging career, which is apparently of greater importance than is their key role in the continuation of the White Race.

It is difficult to divine whether this be as a result of total stupidity or sheer selfishness. Whatever the reason, the equilibrium of the family has been destroyed, while both men and women are now on the treadmill, of the daily grind at work and a lonely life at home.

There is no going back, the family is dead and gone and now, in most cases, a single mother will be juggling her ‘career’ in an effort to find time for her child, which will inevitably be treated as being of less importance than are the needs of the ‘career.’ Should a child fall ill, that is a ‘nuisance,’ where once it was a worry.

Once children are taught to believe that to murder an unwanted baby is the best option, without a word about morality, can we be surprised that the babies, necessary to replace their parents, with the odd one or two to replace those whom have died childless, that untold millions of women have sought this solution to their ‘problem?’

European Peoples, thank their lucky stars, that they have lived in a period of peace, ever since the days of World War Two. There was little concern for the unprovoked slaughter of millions of Muslims, all across the Muslim World, there is hardly a State which has not been attacked, including Iraq, Kuwait, Iran, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Lebanon, Syria and Palestine, and yet there has not been one single women’s march to put a stop to this genocide of the innocent.

When women did march, it was in Washington, with two aims in their sights, Donald Trump, a man whom hopes to bring peace to the Middle East and to put a stop to the genocide of white children by their mothers. This brought the murdering bitches out in their hundreds of thousands, crying out ‘how dare a mere man try to deny us the right to kill our unwanted children?’ with pussy hats on their heads, while creepy characters like Madonna and a Black Power geriatric, encouraged their latent hatred of White Men.

Several groups, mainly Jews, have been calling for a White Genocide for decades, finally it was done for them all that was necessary was to introduce women to the delights of abortion and the job was eagerly accepted by White women-folk.

The Black woman of America have done the same thing. These same women are now torturing their children with pap about transgenders and other nonsense, without enough brain-power to understand that they are simply sowing confusion and insecurity into the minds of their offspring. 



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