A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

God Bless America And God Save The Weak And Helpless From Them.




God Bless America And God Save The Weak And Helpless From Them.

In the United States, there has been one small change to the established order of things, that of the election of Donald Trump. The response to this change has been an unprecedented level of hatred, from the entire House of Representatives, The Senate, and the combined forces of the media.

Alongside those merchants of hate, we now have a glimpse into the Dark Side of the American government, the real enemies of Trump and his attempts to re-invigorate the economy of the States. Even as the cries of foul are being leveled at Russia, which is accused of interfering in the recent election, accusations which are now being used in France and Germany to discredit a rising opposition to the establishment, the American Intelligence Services, are shamelessly, hacking into the contacts of their own Chief, President Trump.and releasing information to the complicit media, which is being used to undermine American Democracy.

In the streets, the ‘dumbed down’ American youth, is supporting this treason, having been misled about the proposed policies of Trump. They are claiming Trump to be intent on ‘deporting’ illegal immigrants, while howling for Hillary Clinton – a War Criminal and mass murderer, who is partly responsible for the slaughter of seven or eight million Muslims, all across the Muslim World, while working alongside the savage killer of Muslims, Nobel Peace Prize winner, Barack Obama – to replace Trump.

They are in fact calling for more war. Never let it be again claimed that these ‘Wars’ are not the responsibility of the American People and that it is all because of the Government. Even the brutal women of America took to the streets calling for Clinton, while the ‘cream’ of the entertainment world, the ‘idols’ of the young, screeched for more Hillary and her warmongering. Well God Bless America and God help those on whom the bombs will rain down should Trump be defeated.



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