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British Mischief In Ireland And Elsewhere.



British Mischief In Ireland And Elsewhere.

This weeks election in Northern Ireland is generating a blast of rhetoric about Unionism and Nationalism, one of which is the English and the other the real Irish.

The British cynically divided Ireland and quite deliberately provoked an uproar, by insisting that Catholics be denied Democracy, in order to ensure a Protestant/British majority in elections, through the restriction of Catholics’ to only one vote per household and then proceeded to physically divide the communities into ‘warring’ ghettos.

This rigid, deplorable situation, lead ultimately to ‘Civil Rights’ marches in the Province, into the 1970’s, culminating, on Bloody Sunday, when British troops opened fire on Catholic Civil Right marchers, killing and wounding many people, ‘to save them from the brutal attacks of the Loyalists.’

This slaughter was used by the British as the excuse to initiate the war against a ‘resurgent’ Irish Republican Army, which protected the Catholic Community, against British controlled Loyalist groups, which were manned by the B Special British Police, while out of uniform, having shown naked hatred for the Catholic community, while wearing it.

This situation continued for thirty or so years, well into the 1990’s, a time when the British were already planning the destruction of the Middle East, in furtherance of which they were working out the details, of the big changes which had long been in the planning, for the coming Millennium in 2001.

These changes inevitably demanded a hasty solution to the ‘Troubles’ in Northern Ireland, in readiness for the coming New Age of Terror, from the Muslims, which was kicked off in New York with the 911 False Flag.

Within hours of which an American Agent, Tim Osman, was being named as the perpetrator, along with a random list of the names of ‘suicide bombers’ from Saudi Arabia, seven of whom were still alive some years later, according to the BBC.

This was seen as no time for a dual problem in the United Kingdom, which could create confusion in the minds of the unaware British public, whom will hate whomsoever they are told to hate, should there be any argument about the identity of the perpetrators of events like the False Flag 7/7 attack in London, attacks which the British public, would normally have expected to be laid at the door of the IRA but which was now duly blamed on four on young Muslims, while vital, contrary evidence was dismissed, including newspaper reports that the lads, having missed their train, were gunned down by British Police to shut them up.

The original act of the division of Ireland, resulted in a bitter Civil War in Eire, which provoked enmities between communities which persist to this day. While all of this is still simmering, the Jew contingent in Ireland, has manipulated the government into the acceptance of an enormous number of immigrants, into a country which is so poor, that thousands of Irish people are working abroad, while any upturn in the Irish economy will now be used to employ immigrants, leaving nothing for the Irish whom normally return to their homeland when Irish affairs improved.

This is exactly the same tactic which was used by the English, when they deported the Scottish to Ulster, where they were referred to as the Planters, they are now the opposition to a United Ireland.

Very soon the immigrants in Eire will be voting against leaving the Euro and European Union, once more trapping the Irish, whom have already refused European encroachment into Irish affairs, in two referenda.

The average British citizen, would be surprised to find, that far from being decent, humane and considerate, of the needs of the ‘natives,’ whether they be in Ireland or Kenya, the British Elite, and the Military, are in fact far more sadistic and unnecessarily cruel, to all and everybody, unfortunate enough to fall under their control, than are or were, the so-called ‘brutal dictators’ whom were demonised and murdered in recent times, as an excuse to lay half of the world to waste.





Having already destroyed, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, the British Foreign Secretary, The Young Turk, Boris Johnson, is blaming Russia for the current refugee problem, because of the way Aleppo was relieved, even as there is an even more brutal campaign going on in Iraq, where American Forces are destroying Mosul and forcing hundreds of thousands of long suffering Iraqis’ out of their homes.

The latest propaganda organ of the British Establishment, LBC Talk Radio, is ‘Faking’ the suggestion that Russia interfered in some imperceptible manner, in the recent American Election, refusing to accept that the American people, most of whom have no connection to any form of ‘persuasion’ other than the highly controlled, Jew owned, Fake News, from the daily television emissions of hatred against Trump, which went out of its way to ‘illegally’ push the idea that the ‘criminal’ Hillary Clinton, was the better choice.

A reality which is supported by a simple reference to the daily output of these ‘organs of truth and fairness.’ All of whom have refused to investigate the failure of their own blanket interference in the course of the election, while carrying out a barrage of attacks against Russia, which had no problem whatsoever, so it is being claimed, in ‘fixing’ the result of the election.

LBC is suggesting that for Trump to make a claim that his phone was hacked, to be a ‘crazy’ suggestion, while fully pushing the unsupported claims of the Democrats, that Trump is a Russian Agent, while laughing in derision, when Trump presents photos of Democrats, with the same Russians’, having denied their contact, as did Session’s whom has been ‘carpeted’ for the very same thing. Only Democrats are allowed to forget.

These folk, apparently need no proof whatsoever in support of anything they may claim, such as Russia is deliberately targeting Hospitals, Schools, women and children, in Syria, completely ‘forgetting,’ that NATO has slaughtered at least ten million Muslims since 2001, with ‘care and understanding,’ of course.



The British media, which has lied through its teeth for decades, in its reporting of events in Ireland, is blatantly doing the same thing over events in the Middle East. The British were responsible for arming Saddam Hussein to the teeth and then pointing him towards Iran, to fight a proxy British War.

Having failed to accomplish that, Saddam was then encouraged to attack Kuwait, which was ‘slant’ drilling into Iraqi oil. The British and Americans did then, sheltering behind a wall of lies and deception, which claimed that the Iraqis were torturing men with Black and Decker wood planing machines and were throwing babies out of incubators, stabbed him in the back, in the same manner which had served so well to condemn Germany and Hitler.

These folk on the United Kingdom News Media Airwaves, are gleefully telling us all how they ‘detest’ – their adjective – Trump, Putin or Farage, but never Cameron, Blair, Obama, or Hollande, all of whom were ‘at it’, long before the USA provoked a coup d’etat in Ukraine, which prompted the people of Crimea to call for a ‘re-uniting’ with their homeland Russia, as it had been a part of Ukraine for a mere fifty years, thus foiling the NATO attempt to seize control of the longtime Russian Naval Base on the Black Sea.

This and the Russian and Syrian triumph in Aleppo, are now being presented as War Crimes, while the blatant hypocrites are engaged in exactly the same process in Iraq, in Mosul, which is presumably a ‘Good War Crime.’ The British people should be ashamed of themselves for accepting this nonsense, while continually, dutifully, voting for the same criminals, time after time.

Images of Irish Protestant people in Belfast, strutting through Catholic neighbourhoods, carrying Union Jack flags and wearing Bowler hats, should send a shudder of fear down the spines of the British, whom now have Muslims doing the same thing, in British Cities, carrying the flag of terrorists.  Can the British not smell the coffee, wafting under their snot blocked noses?




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