A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Nip’N’Tuck Women And Other Nonsense.


While I am desperately trying to come to terms with the lack of open discussion on the media, of the belligerent Jews – you know, the people whom are forever whining about anti-Jewism – whom are calling for a White genocide, or indeed about Black and Muslim Racism, which is far in excess of White Racism, I am now also grappling with the idea of Transgenders, a subject about which I have never heard so much bullshit in all of my life.


As far as I know, there is as yet, no process which is capable of ‘transing’ the sex of a human being and yet we are now being told that a child whom was born a male, with all the necessary bits and pieces, can, with a bit of ‘nip’n’tuck’ become a woman.


My immediate response would be, that this male, should he be treated with testosterone – before being offered a process, by which he could be rendered a touch more ‘womanly’ – which could make him change his mind. In reality, a man whom pretends to be a woman, will in fact be no more than a homo-sexual in disguise, should he/she choose a male partner. So why does he not simply accept himself as a homo-sexual?


Despite this spike in the number of Lesbians, Homosexuals and Transgenders, the remaining women in the UK, are managing to murder almost 200,000 babies annually. Killings which have become an almost assembly line process in the abattoir of Marie Stopes Inc, which along with Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood Inc. in the States, have created massive space for immigrants, the average number of whom arriving each year in the UK, corresponds with the number of abortions.


Ironically, the systematic slaughter of the unborn but already living babies, is controlled by the very people, the Jews,  whom claim that they were once the target of a similar culling, after which one might suppose that ‘they’ of all people, having suffered such an event, which just the thought of, we are told, is likely to cause them to collapse into a quivering mass, should they be exposed to a naked shower-head, would give them pause for thought about encouraging a similar fate for others. Particularly babies.



In the States, it is estimated that the immigration ‘solution’ to a lack of babies, will lead to a population of some 800 million, before the end of the century. While in the UK the population will soon reach 80 million.


These figures are inevitable, unless there is a return to the policy, which was generally accepted across European Countries, that of a sustainable birth rate. The introduction of abortion on demand, which allowed the abortion industry to encourage the culling of the White European by referring to it as a ‘women’s health matter,’ has succeeded in doing exactly what it was designed to do, carry out a White Genocide.


I firmly believe, that abortion is being used, as an excuse, to obliterate the indigenous White population and to import Brown and Black people. A scheme which in moderate numbers is perfectly acceptable, however there is something sinister afoot when a government is whipping up hatred against White immigrants, as in modern-day Britain, while forbidding the same discussion about the non-White immigrants, a mere mention of them is  ‘the ugly face of White Racism.’  Love Your Polish immigrants I say and stop slagging them off.


Deep Governments, are wiping us out. Take a look at David Cameron, the man whom passed the orders, from above to destroy Syria and Libya, without the democratic permission of Parliament, never mind allowing this much vaunted, Democratic need of the scrutiny of the House of Lords. A ‘free’ Parliament would have impeached him on the spot and in view of the tragic results of his vicious act, he should be hanged by the neck.


Parliament chose instead to ignore this bloody disgraceful Crime Against Humanity, choosing instead to hold a token vote after the carnage had been accomplished. Only half a dozen Parliamentary Members were against this Crime, which was carried out in the name of the British People, whom themselves are not politically aware enough to understand what was done in their name.  While their “News” outlets apparently fail to find a connection between this act and an increase in Refugees fleeing this British War Crime.


The Streets of London are now teeming with caring folk, whom have been deliberately kept unaware of the reasons behind the destruction of the Middle East, whom are screaming for the re-opening of the floodgates of immigration, which has already, in recent years, allowed entry to ten million immigrants. Every three or four years another million are being allowed in.


The more than three million people have been accepted into the United Kingdom, during the past few years, is the population of a large city and the number is roughly equal to the ‘real’ number of the unemployed which is a stark 3.5 million. Despite this huge number of jobless, it would appear to be necessary to allow entry into the UK, of people who will do work that the British refuse to do. This is nonsense, there simply cannot be a shortage of labour in a country with that number of unemployed and with a population of 64 million people.



The infrastructure alone to take care of 3 million people is enormous. Take a look at the telephone book of a large city and count the number of all the necessary services. Police, Fire, Ambulance, Schools, Doctors, Hospitals, Sewage work, Dustbin Lorries and all the rest of it and then ask yourselves, why it is so difficult to find a Dentist or an appointment with your doctor and why your kids are still living at home without a decent job which will to allow them to rent so much as a bed-sitter. Never mind the problems with the National Health Service.


In the United States, where there are an estimated 95 million people unemployed or part employed there are hundreds of thousands of Mexicans, walking into the States every year,where they are expecting to be housed, fed, educated, in Spanish, and given health care, which is beyond the reach of thousands of Americans. I find it difficult to understand why these Mexicans expect, while on holiday in the States, that the Americans should have to foot the bill. They should be kicked out straight away. They have a government of their own to cover these costs.


It is not necessary to be of high intelligence to understand, that there is a limit to the number of folk a tiny island like the UK can accept, bearing in mind that even without further immigration the population will increase spontaneously through normal birthrate, should the abortions be brought under control. There are thousands of couples looking for children to adopt, so to be killing off White children in massive numbers, is itself a Crime Against Humanity. It is also Racial suicide.


The sad fact is that we are being taken down to Third World status. It is as simple as that. There is an Irish Jew, Peter Sutherland, swanning around screaming out the orders of the United Nations, that Europe must take in all and everybody. That is our future he tells us. Needless to say he works for the Bankers and Corporations. The Jew Trudeau in Canada is telling the Muslims that they are all welcome, as many as would like to come. The Jew Merkel has already swamped Germany and is still not content. The Jew Sarkozy and now Hollande are secretly financing the construction of huge Mosques, in a secular country, while allowing hundreds of thousands of young men from the Maghreb to swarm in annually, where they can instantly join the one million unemployed young Arabs in and around Paris and other large cities, where they have been creating mayhem for weeks.


So while all of that is going on, why is the media so occupied with talk of men using women’s toilets and attempting to train us to accept that a man is a woman and a woman is a man and abortion is not murder, and that it is perfectly ethical to sell bits of babies to make lipstick or some such thing?








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