A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Sick Of Deception? Me Too.

        Sick Of Deception? Me Too.

The idea that should I choose to live in Nigeria, for example, and on waking one morning and turning on the television,  find it to be dominated by Black people, feel justified in demanding a lucrative position on their News outlet team, simply for being White, to me, that is a total nonsense. It is no different from a Frenchman claiming Russian Television to be too Russian.

The same Liberal idiots whom are pushing multiculturalism, for Europeans, are lost when Africa is being discussed, that is of course a Black Continent, still waiting to be raped by the incoming yellow and brown hordes, whom are themselves in the pocket of the bankers.

Europe has been forced, through the tactic of outright warfare, for the benefit of Corporations and Bankers, to accept the mass exodus of Muslims from all across the Middle East, Pakistan, Afghanistan and various African Countries, including Libya.

Israel, without criticism, has announced itself to be exempt from this refugee ‘contamination’ even as their genocide against the indigenous Muslims of Palestine is picking up speed. The rest of us must accept, without complaint, the Jew organised Genocide against White Christians, which despite the fact that the Jews themselves, are broadcasting this aim far and wide, it is anti-Jew to mention it in polite, liberal company. Personally, I find Israel to be too Jew.

I must admit I also find the Jew representation in many European Governments, to be totally out-of-order and way beyond their justifiable representation, according to their percentage of the various Jew population content, of those States, that is when compared to the number of Christians in the Israeli excuse for a Government. This complaint extends to the wholesale Jew control of the legal system across the Western World.

For the life of me I cannot understand, how a group, which has been responsible for the wholesale massacre of millions of Christians, and whom are even now, urging the genocide of Black and White Christians, are allowed to get away with this expressed hatred of Whites, without any form of retaliation against, this ‘Naked Hatred,’ which is currently generating and of course funding, a possible Civil War in the United States, between Blacks and Whites, both of which groups are the declared target of the Jews, to brown out of existence, both Races.

Of what are Christian Government afraid? Are they not legally obliged to defend their various electorates? There are Jew politicians extolling the virtue of wiping out White people, do we get no support from our Politicians? Can they claim to be unaware of this Jew Hate Speech? Would it not be a good idea to tell the Jews outright that their odious attacks against Whites is unacceptable and that should it continue legal action will taken? Or why not open the door to open discussion of the carefully hidden Jew responsibility for two World Wars and their call for a third? For who or whom do our politicians actually work?

A while back a French footballer Nicolas Anelka, made a gesture, on the pitch, having scored a goal. This gesture was spotted by a Jew? For the following week or so we were swamped with Jews howling about the hurt they felt at this geste, which would of course have passed un-noticed had it not been for the eagle eye of a Jew, thus saving the Jew community from this pain.

The inquest of this stupidity, continued to the point where Sky News sent one of their intrepid liars, to ambush the French comedian, Dieudonné, whom had invented the ‘quenelle’ and grilled him about his anti-Jew attitude.

More recently Ken Livingstone the one-time Mayor of London, was roasted for merely mentioning Zionist and Hitler in the same sentence. His attackers refused to show the same diligence in researching Livingstone’s truthful claims, in the manner in which the ‘quenelle’ hunter from Sky News searched out those of Dieudonné.

We White Christians are apparently forbidden from using the tactic of complaining against anti-Christian remarks from the Jews and there are quite obviously, more ‘Friends of Jews’ in the United Kingdom Parliament and House of Lords than there are ‘Friends of Christians.’

This is quite obviously clear evidence of collusion between Fabian Society members and the Media, to report only one side of the hate speech story. The entire Political Establishment simply cannot be unaware of the written plans of the Jew-Zionists, to destroy the Goy.

It has already become clear that the mass immigration of Muslims into Europe has been a disaster for the people of Europe but a grand success for those seeking a means of destroying Europe. The response of the people has been one of massive resistance to this agenda.

It has become ever more clear that the illegal wars, across the Middle East are a quite deliberate effort to clear the region of as many Muslims as possible, for the benefit of Israel. This has become undeniable. They are already making plans for Gaza, after the final removal of the remains of the population. All of which is supported by Democratically elected Christian politicians, whom are providing the fire-power, while the Jews, as usual, skulk in the shadows, calling on the same Goy whom they detest, to do their killing.


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