A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Are There Any Unbowed White Folk Still Standing Proud?



Are There Any Unbowed White Folk Still Standing Proud?

Andrew Buncombe, a journalist with the Independent, warns that the United Kingdom should make it easier for Hindus’ to study in British Universities. Would that be to dumb them down perhaps?

The British are constantly being told that it is necessary to allow the massive influx of technical staff from overseas, as a result of the failings of the British education system, so are the British now being told that they are irredeemably stupid and that the same system is capable of teaching foreigners ‘hard’ stuff but not the indigenous British?



Right now there is absolute pandemonium in the UK, after it was announced that Theresa May intended to re-introduce Grammar Schools. The majority of Members of Parliament were resolutely in favour of maintaining the current failed system, which provided a basic education to the poor, while the rich politicians preferred to pay for a private education for their own offspring. The rich list, now includes hypocrites like Diane Abbot, a Black Socialist woman, in its ranks.



During a radio discussion about education and the fair distribution of jobs, a guest was asked, should he have two applications for a vacancy, a Black and a White, both with the same qualifications, which would he choose.

Being White, the guest knew this to be a trick question, demanding a response in keeping with current rules of engagement. He responded with the usual drivel, ‘that would depend on the current state of the work-force, should you lack a Black, you would choose the Black’, which is a nonsense. Why would he choose the Black, should he actually prefer the White applicant?


There are now any number of work-force situations, which deny the employer a free choice of staff, for example, should an employer be confronted with a Black applicant and a White handicapped applicant, what should he do? There are now in fact so many rules in place that a bright White boy,  has very little in his favour, despite having the necessary qualifications, while applying for a job.

On the other hand, a Black can brag about creating jobs for unemployed Black kids, because that is accepted as a ‘progressive’ policy, while females, starting up a once male dominated, builders and decorators business, are praised for encouraging other ‘females’ to join the work-force.

I hear they want to turn James Bond Black and to give the role of Doctor Who to a woman, while of course retaining the White female ‘Wonder Woman,’ for the moment and the Black ‘Shaft,’ a role which I was forced to use as an example of a Black hero because of the lack of Black Literature from which to choose.

We have all become far more accustomed to the cynical transformation of Blacks into Whites, while decrying the use of a White ‘blacked up,’ in the role of Othello and the storm of protest when a White was chosen to act the role of the ‘White’ Michael Jackson, the Blacks preferring a Black, ‘Whited up’ in the role. What the F*** is going on.

I was astonished when the ‘Racist’ film won the Oscar. The Black director was praised for choosing two Blacks as the lovers, when all over France it is becoming normal to behold advertising hoardings presenting the modern French couple as a Black man and a White woman. This Black Director was rewarded for making retrograde choice, claiming to be breaking ‘taboos’ as if we did not already know that Blacks can be homosexuals.

This is an ongoing savage war against all things White. The immigrants all chose our Society, in which to live but they apparently want to change it into something which resembles the land they left behind. Worse than that, our politicians are helping them in this aim. Very soon we will be having foreigners forcing their way into out homes, claiming White homes to be multiculturalist and White families must feed, clothe and educate them.

Women recently took part in a ‘No Woman’ day in protest at the domination of men. Part of this protest included, not buying anything from shops, which were run by men. Unless of course they were non-White men. Surely this is sexist and racist and yet it can be suggested without any criticism.




While in town last Friday, I beheld four dustbin lorries, each with four men on board, pushing big wheelie bins to the back of the truck, where they were connected to a lifting device, which raised and tipped the rubbish into the truck and having done so replaced the bin onto the ground.

My immediate thought was, even a woman could do that. However, when did you last see a woman breaking her finger-nails doing that sort of work? I did once see a woman, one of the ‘beefy’ sort, sweeping the road but never doing heavy lifting.

On top of that, on French and British television there are many Black men filling various jobs, reading the News and on Kids programs etc and yet there were no Black men on the dustbin lorries, in fact I saw no Arabs despite there being millions of young unemployed Arabs in France. This would suggest there to be only White men interested in this type of occupation.

I have no doubt that there are Arabs and Blacks doing this work but apparently not around where I live, in fact despite all of the Blacks on the advertising boards, I cannot remember seeing a Black in the flesh, for months, so it becomes clear that there is an agenda being pushed.

So does it not become necessary to impose quotas onto this type of work, instead of emphasising only the ‘right’ of those whom lay claim to the ‘better’ jobs? That would most certainly make it clear to the women, that a ‘Day Without Men’ would be a far more serious affair than a day without women, should the women be left with no mere men to do the ‘heavy’ stuff, while we all sought out White male shop owners to support.



Our caring, sharing, loving, altruistic British women, are now calling for late abortions to be legally permitted, so that women can now give birth to a living child, which can then be ransacked for its organs, without risking prosecution, for what is in fact murder. I do not know what is happening to humanity but sadly the myth of ‘motherhood’ is being exposed for the nonsense it has,  in reality, always been, crap.


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