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The Fake News Loving British, Condemn Trump And Martin McGuinness.

The Fake News Loving British, Condemn Trump And Martin McGuinness.

While once again ignoring the reality, that there had been no indication of any connection between Donald Trump and Russia, apart from a remark which was made by the alleged criminal, Hillary Clinton, during a campaign which she knew she was losing.

It was a scurrilous remark which is now being carried forward by those whom are themselves implicated in the claims being made against Trump, namely Comey, the Director of the FBI along with the head of the National Security Agency, which would have been responsible for any illegal interception of Trump’s teams communications. The tone of the British media is wholeheartedly, yet again, against Trump.

The same British Media, is to this day covering up the British responsibility for the terrorism, which persisted in Northern Ireland, until it presented a problem, as the British transferred their claims of terrorism away from the Irish Republican Army, towards their new ‘Front-Line Terrorists’ Al Qaeda in the British Isles.

They wanted no confusion as they presented the British with 7-7 in 2005, having already selected ‘radicalised’ Muslims as the new menace. Tony Blair quickly ordered a British cease-fire in Northern Ireland to avoid any confusion as to who or whom had planted the bombs.

The announcement this morning, of the death of Martin McGuinness, a one time leader of the Irish Republican Army, gave the British Media yet another opportunity to mourn the deaths of Protestants, whom were allegedly killed by the IRA. Once again choosing to ignore the fact that more Catholics lost their lives during the ‘Troubles’ than did British Protestants.

It has long been accepted that the British had under-cover agents, carrying out terrorist attacks in Northern Ireland, alongside, out of uniform, members of the B Specials Police Force, who were earning a bit of pocket-money by killing Catholics in the evening.

There is also evidence that the Irish Republican Army itself was controlled by British infiltrators, giving them control of both sides of the ‘Troubles.’ In a typically British manner, only the IRA were referred to as ‘terrorists’ the Protestants were ‘Loyalists’ most of them Scottish Calvinists, deliberately banished to Ireland, where they were called the ‘Planters,’ they have served as the excuse for the partition of Ireland, having promised a Civil War would result, should Ulster be forced into joining the Irish Republic of Eire, so we were told.

Lord Tebbitt a British Politician, today suggested that the IRA leader McGuinness should have prayed for forgiveness for his sins, including mass murder, mainly referring to an attack against the Government of Margaret Thatcher, in a hotel in Brighton in the UK. He made no mention of Bloody Sunday, a murderous event which was carried out by the British Army, an act which it is recognised as having been the very excuse for the construction of the IRA, under strangely obscure circumstances. Many folk believe to this day, that the hierarchy of the IRA and Sinn Fein, were British controlled in the North of Ireland and Eire.

Tebbitt had the cheek to aim such barbs at a dead man, even as the ‘British Saints’, are still heavily involved in the total destruction of the Middle East and have been responsible for the deaths of millions and the seriously wounding of millions more, while at the same time rendering the homelands of these poor folk to rubble.

The British and their American chums now have their latest band of thugs, quite deliberately destroying Mosul, in Iraq, making sure that when they have finished driving out an ‘invisible’ enemy, there will be no homes left to which the refugees can return.

Even as this unreported slaughter is continuing in Iraq, McGuinness is being accused of killing innocent civilians, in Britain and Northern Ireland. Even ex-Military men, who served in Northern Ireland, make no reference to the murders carried out by the British or those whom fought alongside them, against the Catholic community. The Catholics have always been the forgotten victims of British inspired violence and hatred.

Even Michael Collins the revered leader of Irish Resistance against the British occupation of Ireland, was considered to be a terrorist by the same British whom armed and trained the ‘Free’ Syrian Army, to destroy their own homeland. Such hypocrisy is the mark of the British.

The British people have no idea of the truth of what is being done in their name. They can, with sanguinity, accept British thuggery and the cold-blooded murder of millions, including the Rape of Germany, without question, having swallowed hook-line-and-sinker all of the bull-shit which was fed into their heads in school-rooms.

The British should now wake up to the fact that other people have the right to freedom and that for doing no more than Germany did, which was to change the Banking system, does not give the British the right to destroy Germany and then feed crap into the heads of children to cover up their murderous campaign, which was itself an atrocity against women and children.

The British people were themselves betrayed several hundred years ago and the rigging of elections does not only apply to modern politicians, the British had their rulers chosen for them, both Kings and Queens, from the days of the First Elizabeth to her counterpart in modern England Elizabeth the Second. The British Royal Family are all of Jew origin.

Long ago, the first Elizabeth, the renowned ‘virgin’ queen did allow into marriage, her illegitimate son, to a daughter of the family, of which another member, centuries later, would write and issue the Balfour Declaration, ceding Palestine to the Jews.

After which Britain imposed such crippling sanctions against Germany, that they lead to the Second World War, which itself provided the excuse allowing for the Jew invasion of Palestine, an act which was the origin of all of the current problems in the Middle East.

The British, along with their carefully concealed handlers, are never far away from such carnage. All across the Middle East, there is not a pure Muslim Royal Family in existence, which is why there is so little support for the Muslim regimes which have been attacked, for no good reason by the controlled West.

We can all agree that neither the Taliban, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gadaffi or indeed Bashar al Assad, played any part in 911, however it would appear that the Royal Family in Saudi Arabia was heavily involved, despite which they are being armed by Britain, France and the United States, to bomb Yemen to dust and to pass any surplus bombs and bullets to ISIS in Syria and Iraq, where the coalition is pretending to fight them.


So I would suggest that it is not ‘tiddlers’ like Martin McGuinness, whom need to pray to God for forgiveness, that is more a need of the British hierarchy which has, through the centuries, laid the world to waste.


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