A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

“History Is A Set Of Lies Agreed Upon.” ― Napoléon Bonaparte


What is the meaning of all this rubbish lying around and who or whom took the photograph?



History Is A Set Of Lies Agreed Upon.” ― Napoléon Bonaparte


In the recent past, I watched on Sky News, a report from the coast of Libya, about a Non Governmental Organisation, which we were told, was saving migrants from drowning in the Mediterranean, as they made their dangerous voyage to safety in Europe.

As I watched what was actually happening on-screen, it became perfectly obvious that I was watching a rendezvous, between a well organised system of the delivery of mainly young, Black Africans, with the vessel, which would pack as many migrants onboard as the craft could safely manage and sail them off to Italy.

We were even presented with the boat, which quite obviously arriving to collect the Zodiac rubber delivery boats and the life-jackets, which had been worn by the illegal immigrants, a boat which in the first part of the same report, we had been informed was Italian, as they were close to Italy, only to be now told it was the Libyan “Coast-guard,” looking very much like everybody’s idea of what a group of people smugglers would look like, aboard.

We are now currently being presented with the saga of the US and the puppet government of Iraq’s attempt to ‘liberate’ Mosul, from the grip of Western trained, armed and controlled ‘terrorists’ called ISIS.

Once again, the tale with which we are being presented, most notably not on Sky News, BBC, CNN or Fox but uniquely on RT, the so-called ‘Bull-Horn of Propaganda,’ is in fact the sad tale of the complete demolition of a city, without a smidgen of concern for the folk whom have been trapped within its confines by ISIS for two years or more, during the time in which all parties, taking part in this brutal war against Iraq and Syria, were busily engaged in the business of pumping oil from Syria, which was delivered to into Turkey and the hands of the Erdogan family business, which sold it to Israel, all of the transportation being carried out in Tanker Lorries, supplied by the United States.

This is reminiscent of the scandalous money-making scam which went on during the years in which even the family of Kofi Annan, the United Nations Secretary General himself, was involved in the so-called ‘Oil for Food’ arrangement with Saddam Hussein, in order to feed the starving Iraqi people.

This was during the period when the UN had imposed crippling sanctions against Iraq, while NATO maintained a ‘No Fly Zone’ which was a covert means of destroying Iraqi infrastructure and which caused the deaths of a million people, including half-a-million children, leading to the Jewess Madeleine Albright’s remark that the death of the children, had been a ‘price worth paying.’

A Council on Foreign Relations report, suggested that despite the presence of many Jews on the scene, it was Saddam Hussein himself, whom had made all the profits from the sale of the oil. Even as long ago as 2004, the use of Russia as a whipping boy was evident –

Thirty percent of the oil vouchers were issued to beneficiaries in Russia, including individual officials in the president’s office, the Russian

Foreign Ministry, the Russian Communist Party, members of the Russian

parliament, and the oil firms Lukoil, Gazprom, Zarubezhneft, Sibneft, Rosneft, and Tatneft. CFR report 2004.

The only salient point missing in the above quote, is the fact that by the time of the ‘Oil for Food’ program, most of the Russian oil and gas production was in the hands of the Oligarchs.

The oil, which was freely used in Iraq and Libya as a means of enriching Western interests and which continued in Syria in a similar manner, must never be mentioned in terms of the greed of the Western Oligarchs, having been responsible for the massive destruction of the entire region, simply to top up the overflowing coffers of the sickly rich, it must always be remembered that it was because of all those ‘Evil Dictators.’

The United States, which was in a quandary as to how to deal with the thousands of Oil Tankers, which they had ‘failed to notice,’ for years, on the open road, heading for Turkey, to deliver the Syrian oil into the hands of the Jew, Erdogan and his family, finally left the destruction of these trucks to Putin and Russia, are now under Donald Trump, back in the groove in Raqqa in Syria, fighting against the mirage of ISIS, whom having miraculously, fled Mosul to Palmyra, from where they have, once more, been beaten back by the Syrian Arab Army and Russia, to Raqqa, their mythical headquarters.

Having watched the original reports of the attacks against Mosul in Iraq, I was convinced that, when it was announced that ISIS had retaken Palmyra, that they had been allowed to ‘retreat undetected’ across the open desert, by both sides in the Syrian conflict.

They left behind a skeleton crew in Mosul, against which the controlled Iraqi Army and the US Air-force are fighting a ‘phony war’ with a complicit enemy, which retreats out of harms way, as the United States continues the cynical destruction of Iraq, to force yet more refugees towards Europe.

Thus, leaving the land around the oil-fields, available for carefully selected compliant regimes. The Kurds, whom are grimly fighting for a homeland, in the region, are already under Zionist control, so much for freedom fighting and indicative of the true depth of planning which was made, down through the years, preparing for this moment.

David Cameron, a man whom proudly announced his Jew origins while in Israel, did, with the assistance of a ‘fantastic’ speech by Hilary Benn, the son of a member of the Tavistock Institute, which was involved in the psychological program, designed to destroy White society, Anthony Wedgwood Benn, a closet Communist, whom worked, hand in glove with the Fabian Society, to force the British into the European Union, whom passionately called for the British Parliament to agree to give the Prime Minister, at the time, David Cameron, the all clear to bomb, along with the French Jews, as much of the infrastructure, which remained standing in Syria, while pretending to bomb the oil convoys which they had previously failed to detect.

During the most recent attack in London, there is already a general fear of questioning the media reports of the event. To make the most trivial remark is to invite cries of ‘conspiracy theorist’ and all that nonsense. To suggest that the body beneath the wheel of a London bus, would have ‘popped’ like a balloon full of water, leaving evidence of having been crushed.

This lack of blood, was repeated during the crushing of those whom were killed by the passage of the 4X4 along the pavement. It was also in keeping with the lack of blood in the Berlin lorry attack and the Nice lorry attack, not to mention the interiors of the Charlie Hebdo office and the Sandy Hook School.

Which does at least allow for the need to ask the simple question as to why this should be so, in view of the fact that anyone who has ever witnessed the result of a car colliding with a Sanglier on the road would vouch.

The identity of the killer in the 4X4 changed two or three times, how could this be so? The man was in the hands of the Police, how could they have suggested he was the wrong man? Could it be that it was another man in the car, whose name they had prepared in advance, while the cops on the scene had actually confused the name of the real killer with that of the ‘patsy?’

There were after all, reports that there had been two men in the 4X4, why have there not been any attempts to find him? More worrying, how could the police have been so confident of his identity when the raided homes in Birmingham and arrested seven men? Did the arrested men have any connection with the dead man or did it not actually matter a jot, what he was called, Masood or anything else, as it was all a load of tosh?

That is not to suggest it to be a False Flag, it is simply annoying that so many things are left unanswered, after these events, which is why there are so many conspiracy theories out there.

There is ample evidence that the British conspired to attack Syria at least two years before the actual decision was taken to arm the paid mercenaries to start the terrorism, is this matter of fact a ‘conspiracy theory’ or an unreported conspiracy to commit a Crime Against Humanity?

I personally announced the intention to destroy Libya in advance of the attacks, which had been given cover by the false notion of an Arab Spring. Where are the honest hacks whom we are told ‘deeply’ research their reportage?

For example there are already calls to arm the British Police, there was a Drill in the area a couple of days previously, which provided the excuse as to why there was no CCTV footage available, in the most densely surveyed city on earth, as the Jew controlled CCTV system, just happened to be ‘still’ switched off after the drill. Does that not sound an alarm in the heads of the hacks?

Why it was necessary to turn it off for the ‘drill’ is never explained, despite all of the questions asked after 7-7 and the Jean Charles de Menezes shooting and indeed on 911. Can all this be simple coincidence?

I found this youtube clip last evening, which digs into historical disinformation, with which we appear to have been contaminated and confused, during our education, it is extremely interesting and is worth a look.





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