A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Inexplicable Lack Of A Working Shit Detector In The Brains Of Our Politicians

While the hate speech against the Third Reich and Hitler is relentless, the new whipping boys, the Muslims, who are the victims of atrocious NATO ‘War Crimes’ and whom having been forced from their homelands by this Western aggression, paradoxically, into the very heart of the ‘enemy,’ where they are now being used to incite racial hatred, through the medium of ‘questionable’ terrorist attacks, there has been a total silence from European politicians as to why they were unable to foresee the inevitable result of this stupidity.

The Peoples of Europe are now faced with a conundrum, their elected leaders are either as thick as two short planks of wood or they are complicit in a serious attempt to destroy the White domination of White Europe. There can be no other explanation and the silence maintained on this serious threat to Europe, is indicative of a political conspiracy.

The statistics illustrate quite clearly that immigrants or refugees from war-torn countries in Africa or the Middle East are of absolutely no benefit to the receiving country.

They are in fact a more serious drain on resources than would be the cost of paying them to remain in their homelands.

There can be no doubt that the same politicians whom were in favour of the illegal wars across the world are fully aware of what is happening as a result. Even as the refugee crisis was growing, the British and French illegally bombed Syria, destroying yet more infrastructure, while claiming to be attacking the ‘terrorists’ who were pumping oil from Syrian wells – which the British and French had ignored for years – as an excuse. To suggest that the aim was not to create more refugees is to deny the clear evidence.

The propaganda against White Europe, and by extension, other states which were constructed on European principals, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the United States, has become totally out of hand. We are, on a daily basis, told, that we are now multicultural, so we must keep our mouths shut and our borders open to all and everybody and that to complain is Racist.

The loudest voices promoting this notion, are of Pakistani, Hindu or Black origin, the very people, whom statistics show, are responsible for the majority of racist attacks, rapes and murders, all across Europe. To simply mention this statistical fact is now referred to as a hate crime.

When the British were worried about an invasion by Germany, having forced Germany to respond to deliberate provocations, only to then Declare War against Germany, Churchill began to set up his terrorist groups to fight a clandestine war against the occupying forces, to carry out the fight-back against invasion as is happening in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Yemen at this moment. These resistance movements are of course referred to as terrorists. The Allied agents, installed all across Europe after World War Two, are called ‘Gladio’ and they are available to carry out ‘terrorist’ attacks to order, wherever and whenever necessary, to this day.

The threat of an invasion by the Germans was used as a means of instilling fear into the hearts of the British, as is the evident use of alleged atrocities carried out by a group of paid mercenaries referred to as Daech, Daesh, IS, ISIS, ISIL, which was initially trained in the Green Zone in Baghdad under the control of a United States agent called Baghdadi.

Once again the Peoples of Europe are being lead by the nose to disaster. Having already taken part in two World Wars, basically to make Palestine available for Jew occupation, they are now being forced to accept the long suffering Muslims into Europe, to solve the oncoming water problems, in the Middle East for Israel.

Western voters appear unable to discern, the difference between cutting down the numbers of immigrants and the slaughtering of the immigrants before they arrive at our shores, which is in effect, demonstrated by a received hatred of Nationalist politicians, like Le Pen, preferring to instead vote, time after time, for the Socialists and others, all of whom have carried out illegal wars against Muslim States, killing tens of millions of Muslims during the past fifteen years, believing to do so is more ‘humanitarian’ and they scoff at those whom disagree.

I try to avoid making any comment, suggesting that the alleged terrorist attacks, which are a feature of daily life across Europe these days, to have been set up, by the authorities, which have need of Islamic Terrorism, in order to further their aims against their own people. ‘Real’ Islamic folk have no interest in taking part in any form of terrorism, forcing the various European ‘controlled’ governments to invent it themselves.

Irishmen fighting for Germany.

Having cast an eye over four of the well-known attacks in France, in recent times, Charlie Hebdo, Toulouse, Nice and the Bataclan in Paris, I was astonished to find them all, so full of glaring stupidities, which should have screamed out, loud and clear, for all to hear, that they were a load of tosh and yet the Police and the ‘Intelligent’ Services failed to spot the inconsistencies.

The most fantastical of the ‘plots’ involved in these tales, was the Charlie Hebdo caper, which from the initial point of entry into the Charlie Hebdo office, involved the Kouachi Brothers, heavily disguised with ski-masks and the obligatory black uniform of your every-day terrorist, ran to the front door of the Charlie Hebdo office, clutching their Kalashnikovs’, only to find it locked, with a security device demanding a ‘password.’ They were no doubt ‘flummoxed,’ however, out of the blue, a member of the Charlie Hebdo staff turned up and punched the password into the device for them, presumably without noticing the masks and the Kalashnikovs’

I mention Charlie Hebdo, because the identities of the Kouachi Brothers, whom we never actually saw with our own eyes, corresponded with the image of the alleged assassin in Toulouse a certain Merah, whom was an agent for the French Intelligence Service, whom we also never saw with our own eyes.

The alleged killer in Nice, whose photograph was quite obviously, one of the Kouachi Brothers, while Merah’s photo was the other Kouachi. So in fact the only evidence against four men, was photographic, we never actually saw anything other than a bunch of images, from which it would be difficult to place against the crime to which they referred.

Such is the strength of evidence in support of the claims of International Muslim Terrorism. It goes without saying, that the Western Media, which has never spotted any trace of a False Flag, when it takes in the US or Europe, immediately took aim at Russia and Putin, with cynical suggestions similar to those made about 911 on the alternative media, while remaining undetectable to the mainstream boys. The St Petersburg attack in Russia suddenly opened their eyes to the possibility of Governmental intrigue. Hmmm!
















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