A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Make Your Own Mind Up About Livingstone’s Remarks.

Nick Ferrari, an overweight newspaper man, whom once claimed that only the mainstream media check their facts before opening their mouths, did, in response to claims,  on the Alternative Media, suggesting that the Westminster Attacks had been a hoax, warned us that such claims were proof that the only trustworthy source for truthful News was the Mainstream Media.

The same man is today, accepting as true, a claim, totally lacking in evidence, that a town in Syria, which is under the control of Daech, a group which had, with ‘evidence based, proof,’ a factory in Aleppo, where they manufactured bombs and shells, packed with chemical substances, which they used against West Aleppo, was bombed by the Russians and Assad.

Not content with that uninformed proliferation of ‘Fake News’ he continues to support the idea that Ken Livingstone, was wrong to suggest a link between Hitler and the Jews. He has already given free rein on his LBC Radio platform,  to several Jews to continue the nonsense, while cutting off those whom try to offer a more balanced point of view, including a Jew politician, whom refused to tow his line of crap end disinformation. Far from being a source of truth, LBC is becoming a Bullhorn for Crap.

Ferrari claimed to have been convinced of the truthfulness of the claims about the Germans, having visited Auschwitz, he apparently failed to find the truth even during that pilgrimage.

Even when presented with evidence of a connection between Hitler and the Jews, Ferrari tried to say it did not count!





Keep your eye on the cop behind the youngster.









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