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Donald Trump Is Quite Obviously Guilty Of Collusion With Russia and He Must Go!





Donald Trump has been under pressure for months, having been accused of accepting the aid of Russia during his recent election campaign.

He and his team have been consistently demanding proof of these claims, which his enemies have continually made against him. His recent actions, have graphically illustrated his change of position, concerning the need of evidence, by illegally attacking Syria and his support for the strident calls from his allies, to take even more stringent measures against the Assad regime, which now finds itself against the wall.  


All of this without a shred of evidence in support of the claims, made by Trump in response to an event  in Syria, which took place in an area under the control of ISIS, who filmed the event on which Trump chose to base his claims. Trump expressed sorrow for the children involved in the atrocity, while I have yet to receive a ‘tweet’ from him concerning the bloody events in Mosul, and the sorry state of the children over there.

The honourable thing to do, Mr Trump, in the circumstances, would be to either acknowledge your grave error and beg forgiveness or to resign as a War Criminal awaiting Justice. Such an act might just restore your dwindling credibility but either way the world now has no further need of you. Should President Putin now announce to the world, that Trump was indeed assisted by Russia, during his election campaign, he would be doing us all a great favour.




2 responses

  1. Craig Phillip Elwell

    Looks like Ritchie Allen was right about Trump all along.


    April 8, 2017 at 14:07

    • I don’t pay too much attention to Ritchie Allen. He works for David Icke, and the last time I listened to him with Lord Monckton, he spent the whole interview shouting at Monckton for calling Icke an idiot for suggesting that the Queen of England turned into a lizard at bedtime.Apart from that we all had our fingers crossed about Trump and it does begin to look as if were were fooled again.


      April 8, 2017 at 15:03

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