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The Entire Western Establishment Is Apparently Onboard For The Latest Middle East War Crime.


The Entire Western Establishment Is Apparently Onboard For The Latest Middle East War Crime.

The excuse being used by the controlled puppets in the United States, to kick off the illegal bombing of Syria, is based on an excuse often used by any bully on the block, the well-worn, meaningless claim,  “You called me a name, didn’t yeah mate?” I have personally been confronted by bullies making such a claim and the only possible response being, “what did I call you?” The normal reply being, ‘that doesn’t matter.’

I refuse to believe that any of the Western politicians, posturing in the United Nations about the ‘evident truthfulness’ of a ridiculously badly contrived video clip, made by the ‘Worlds number one enemy’ ISIS, were not simply taking part in a plot, which had been prepared well in advance.

The British were right in the thick of it, adding fuel to a fire lacking in warmth, by elevating the lies to an even higher level, by claiming the attack on Idlib, had been carried out for ‘several hours.’ There will, as usual, be no evidence in support of any these claims. The British are, as usual, doing Israel’s work.

For months, we have been exposed to attack after attack, in Europe and like the recent attack in London, those whom presented the clip of the ‘incident’ in Idlib, claimed responsibility for those attacks, as they did for attacks in Paris, Nice and many other places.

The British are now demonstrating, that they and the USA and NATO are actually a part of ISIS, there can be absolutely no doubt about it. Immediately after spurious claims made by this group of murderers, the illegal bombing of Syria by USA missiles, based on evidence, far less convincing than were the claims made against Saddam Hussein, were launched an act which immediately,  facilitated a further advance of the, so-called ‘deadliest enemy of the entire world’ against the Assad regime,  which has struggled valiantly, to free thousands of civilians, trapped in Aleppo from the grip of these thugs.




Listening to Donald Trump, cynically whining about events in Syria, blubbering about babies being injured and killed, even as in nearby Mosul, American bombers, have in recent days, slaughtered an unknown number of women and children, during the relentless terror bombing of a city packed, with women and children, is enough to turn the stomach of a strong man. He is either stupid or both or more probably, controlled, having sacked, in advance, of this criminal act, Steve Bannon, a man whom was wholly opposed to regime change in Syria. It all begins to look like belligerent business as usual for the United States. This, I suppose is what Trump calls ‘Making America Great Again.’

In a tale which I posted yesterday, I mentioned the words of a host on LBC Radio, urging action against Syria, based on an unsupported video clip, action which he told us, should have been taken against Assad long ago. Are we now to believe, that this was not an excuse in advance, for the illegal, American bombing of Syria, which has taken place overnight?

The same host has been involved in several questionable debates in recent times, he, along with other hosts on LBC, quite deliberately refused to so much as take a glance at the anomalies in the recent ‘attack’ on Westminster Bridge, demonstrating that LBC has a fear of the truth.

There can be no problem about simply asking questions about the strange difference in various versions of that event, for example, I was curious to know why, with a hospital no more than a few yards from the scene of the event, the injured, on Gurney and many other witnesses, were herded into the Marriott Hotel. The avoidance of any such questions, invites justifiable cries of Hoax, surrounding such events.

More interestingly, why, in view of claims made by ISIS/Daech, that they had been responsible for the attack in London, are the British now supporting attacks against those whom are fighting against ISIS in Syria? Does it not simply add fuel to the fire of claims, that what took place in London, was a farce aimed at influencing support for action in Syria by NATO, where the British and their allies can pretend, as usual, to be fighting ISIS?

The advances made by ISIS, immediately following the illegal American raid, was exactly the same response as had been made after a similar raid, which killed dozens of Syrian soldiers, by ‘accident,’ facilitating the ISIS advance against Assad’s Arab Army, clearly demonstrating that NATO is ISIS/Daech.

All of those whom support the American action are already War Criminals. Saudi Arabia, Israel, France, Britain and many others, whom by not urging caution, are exposing their complicity in the current aggression against Syria, in a war which was generated by the British, under the control of declared Jew, David Cameron, a war which has already been responsible for the current immigrant crisis across Europe.





Should the British people believe themselves to be some sort of ‘Power for Good’ they will soon find that they are responsible for setting up World War Three, in much the same manner as did their favourite son, Churchill, deliberately kick off World War Two.


“Germany becomes too powerful. We have to crush it.” – Winston Churchill (November 1936 to US-General Robert E. Wood)



“It was not the political doctrine of Hitler, which hurled us into this war, the reason was his success in the building of a new economy. The roots of the war were envy, greed and fear of losing markets.” (Major General J.F.C Fuller, historian, England.)



Such is the level of guilt surrounding events in Europe, during the past one hundred years, that steps, unprecedented in world history, have been taken, to force down our throats, a myth designed to conceal the identity of the real guilty parties involved in these contrived wars.

Those guilty people, whom have been the major winners, in every sense, as a result of two World Wars, are now waiting, with bated breath, for the final destruction of all obstacles in their path towards a total domination of the Middle East.

The member countries of NATO, have been telling us for years, that ISIS, Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups, have been responsible for dozens of lethal attacks across the world, from the United States to the UK, France, Belgium and Spain. We have been presented with images of men having their head cut off on film. We have heard tales of crucifixion and mass slaughters, all carried out be these demons. We can all now rest assured that ‘we’ have been paying for all this killing and mayhem. ISIS Works For Us..






There can be no doubt, the evidence is already being gathered, clearly showing the delivery of arms, dropped from the sky, for the ISIS men, whom have all come from Iraq, where the ‘humanitarian’ forces of NATO, have been cynically destroying Mosul, as a means of generating the plausibility of the current situation, however many casualties are inflicted along the way. All of this ignored by the ‘warmongers’ on British News outlets. They are all under control.

Sky News recently sent a team to Iraq to lull the British into a dream state, suggesting that everything was going well in Mosul, why the Iraqi victims were being offered cheap mobile telephones, on market stalls, hopefully with a connection to the next world, as most of the relatives, of the survivors, were already dead.

I wonder if the oh so sympathetic Donald Trump, was shown photos of the little Iraqi child whom was blinded and riddled with shrapnel, having been crushed as her home fell on her and her family, killing them all apart from her? Sadly these hypocrites, use their false sympathy as an excuse to continue their slaughters.

Hidden behind the American attacks, so say, in response to a chemical attack in Idlib, the American aircraft have continued attacks against Syrian Army positions, allowing the advance of the International Terrorists, ISIS/Daech, into areas from which they have previously been driven. What more do you need to know?


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