A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

British Radio Should Issue A Health WarningTo Listeners With A Brain.


The British are once more in danger in their own homeland. London is back in the “Dark Days of the Blitz,” with their backs to the wall and all that bullshit and who is the enemy this time? Why those boys in black, whom have been armed and trained, using British taxpayers money, to fight a proxy in Syria, for Israel, where hundreds of thousands of innocent people have been slaughtered, while the British calmly blame Bashar al Assad and the Russians for ‘daring’ to fight back against British aggression.




In the United Kingdom, the build up to this state of fear of Muslim Terrorism, was kicked off with the strange event, now referred to as 7-7 in 2005. It was the most serious ‘terrorist’ attack ever carried on British soil, which coincided with an enormous drill, which was taking place, at the same time on the same targets.

Part of this drill involved ‘pretend’ bleeding and bandaged ‘victims’ liberally spread around all of the areas which were affected by the attacks, making it impossible to discern the ‘real’ victims from the false.

The liar whom had taken the British to war against Iraq, using widely propagated propaganda to do so, Tony Blair, denied the British people an inquiry into 7-7, describing such a suggestion to be ‘A Ludicrous Distraction.’ It was more like a ‘strategic evasion,’ as the entire 7-7 event was so full of holes, that the entire British Establishment would have been exposed as criminal conspirators, had such an inquiry taken place.

The recent ‘attack’ on Westminster Bridge, in keeping with the events of 7-7, took place in an area where yet another drill was ongoing. The events on the Bridge and in front of Parliament, gave a distinct impression of playing a part in this drill. The roads were taped off in advance, all of the CCTV had been disabled, there are no ‘Smart-Phone’ films of the event available, many having been confiscated by the Police, while the anomalies, are as usual, being ignored.

The same boys, whom have claimed responsibility for the event on Westminster Bridge, Nice, Berlin and numerous other attacks, just happen to be the very same ‘Men in Black’ whom were trained by the CIA, Mossad and the SAS to Terrorise Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Paris and many other places, now just happen to be the group, which indulges in mass murder, crucifixion and the beheading of captives on camera, which is cynically claiming Bashar al Assad to be responsible for a distinctly dubious chemical attack in Idlib in Syria.



A claim which the British are eager to accept as proof, despite the claims coming from those, whom have recently claimed responsibility for terrorist attacks all across Europe and the World, a claim which the British would eagerly use to dethrone the man Assad, about whom the British, whom have themselves been busily destroying the Middle East, since 1991, have spent years, spreading lies of his ‘alleged,’ behaviour.

This morning on LBC the Bull-Horn’ of pap in the UK, has been stridently testing the reaction of the British public to the smear campaign, which is ongoing, and which now includes the British Minister of War, Fallon’s claims that Russia is as responsible as is Assad for the ‘alleged incident in Syria.

The host of the LBC show, is accusing callers of holding an unbelievable attitude of disbelief, about what the British claims, about the identity of the perpetrators,  of the ‘alleged’ chemical attack in Idlib. All but one of the callers, have urged caution and that before pointing fingers, an investigation should be carried out. Only a fool would believe those whom have gained advantage from such claims, instead of the claims of those whom have everything to lose from such an event.

The Lies of the British, go all the way back to Hitler, the selected role model against which all Dictators are measured. The British cynically smeared Hitler, manufacturing an excuse to destroy Germany, in exactly the same manner as they have in recent times, manufactured similar excuses to murder Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gadaffi and many other leaders across Africa, including the smearing of the Boers in South Africa, while now ignoring a more vicious Apartheid regime in Israel, a State to which the bulk of the Members of the British Parliament, swear allegiance. That is the stiff upper lip style of British hypocrisy,

The measure of British response in terms of ‘Free Speech’ demands a complete silence about the ‘claims,’ that Daech/ISIS is an Israeli construct, which would allow them to control any Caliphate, which ISIS could  set up, funded by their by their Allies in Saudi Arabia, in and around Syria, is exactly what Israel is seeking. Sadly,  it is only those ‘claims’ which support the British agenda which are received as being perfectly acceptable. Even Sir Galahad Farage, has fear of the ‘J’ word and stubbornly refuses to mention the name of Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi.

The amount bile and hatred against Russia and Assad, is completely out of control on LBC Radio, particularly in view of the fact that the British, with NATO have been responsible for the murder of at least ten million Muslims since 911. All of which are called ‘accidental,’ deaths, while claiming that Assad with the aid of Russia, deliberately bombed his ‘own people’ with chemicals, being so stupid as to believe he would not find himself in exactly the position he is now in.

The amount of what can only be described as lies and propaganda, streaming out of LBC is astonishing, I find it hard to believe and incredibly disappointing to find, that such blatant crap is now part of the British News system. ‘Alleged’ has now come to mean ‘proof’ for the British, from the Minister of War, the Foreign Secretary and indeed the Prime Minister herself, right down to idiots on the radio.

There is an LBC Muslim host, now screeching hatred against Russia, howling about upholding the idea that the West represents a purveyor of a caring world order, even as Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan are still in chaos, he is denying the fact that the British quite deliberately initiated the fighting in Syria, with paid mercenaries, this Muslim creep, is talking about putting the Russians, whom made a courageous stand against British/NATO aggression in Syria, back in their box. The British are truly vile people, there is no end to their barbarity and lies.

A British Jew, speaking from the Apartheid State of Israel, expressed her approval of Trumps bombing of Syria and explained how only a Caliphate could sort out the Syrian problem. Katie Hopkins, the host, shrilled out her love for Benjamin Netanyahu, the man whom has just announced the destruction of yet more Palestinians homes, to make room for Jews.




I would dearly like the opportunity to add my voice to those of the doubters of the British version of events in Syria, however along with other organs of the Free British Press, I am banned from LBC as a racist. I am still pondering as to what the word Jew has to do with Racism, no matter.

I can stand no more of it, I have thrown in the towel, off goes the radio.



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