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Spicer Mentions The ‘H’ Word. Off With His Head!



Spicer Mentions The ‘H’ Word. Off With His Head!

There are incredible efforts, currently being made, using every trick in the propagandists handbook, to convince the world that Bashar al Assad, with the collusion of those dreadful, now ‘Christian,’ Russians, did, for no good reason decide to drop chemically laden bombs onto his own people.

Sean Spicer, Donald Trumps Press Secretary, innocently suggested that ‘even Hitler did not stoop to that level.’ i.e. ‘of gassing his own people.’ Spicer was castigated for showing either his total ignorance, or lack of respect for the people, whom the Jews claim to have been gassed in Hitlers Concentration Camps.

By doing so he, Spicer, has presented a damning link between the two events, as nobody has ever managed to produce real evidence of claims made about the Holocaust, just as they are now trying to convict Assad and Russia, using nothing more than the word of ISIS/Daech, a group, which it is claimed, is working for Israel, as evidence. ‘Probability’ would suggest that this is yet another Jew inspired crime and as usual they are hiding behind a ‘patsy.’





Hardly had I shut-down Russia Today online, to save my bandwidth, I opened up LBC, only to find myself joining it in the middle of cries of anguish from every Jew in London, calling for Spicer’s sacking, for denying what is probably the most highly contested claim in the history of the world, that Hitler actually  gassed, six million Jews.

“The fight against Germany has now been waged for months by every Jewish community, on every conference, in all labor unions and by every single Jew in the world. There are reasons for the assumption that our share in this fight is of general importance. We shall start a spiritual and material war of the whole world against Germany. Germany is striving to become once again a great nation, and to recover her lost territories as well as her colonies. But our Jewish interests call for the complete destruction of Germany…” (Valadimir Jabotinsky, in Mascha Rjetsch, January, 1934)


The above quote, which is one of dozens in a similar vein, is evidence enough of the Jews desire to annihilate the Germans and indeed, in one way or another, twenty-million Germans were slaughtered in the war. This is a number which is constantly swept under the carpet to protect the reputation of the Jews.


We are back in the area where Jews can claim whatever they so choose, with impunity, while ‘we’ have been gagged from discussing the most brutal war in History, which was declared by Jews in 1933, just in case it should interfere with tales of the Jews, whom actually had total control of a war, which slaughtered millions of people, other than the ‘Jews,’ many of whom died ‘accidental’ deaths from starvation and disease, in the Camps, where they had been held in relative safety, even as millions of Germans were being fire bombed to death by Jew controlled British, American and Bolshevik Jews.



The gagging does not end there. There are moves afoot to introduce yet another vaccine, which was previously called Gardisil, which was for girls, to protect them from cervical cancer. The number of deaths as a result have been shrouded in secrecy and Doctors whom have suggested it to be unsafe have been pilloried for their temerity.

The British are now proposing it for Boys. To save them from ‘warts’ and of course bum cancer, which is apparently more prevalent than in past times, this suggestion is being supported by the Member of Parliament for Golders Green, which is a quarter of London.

There is much evidence that the major drug companies, in keeping with the Banks and the media, are wholly owned by Jews. Golders Green is the ancestral home of British Jews. Vaccines are a cash-cow for the drug companies.

I have come across reports suggesting that Vaccines are being used to destroy the health of people and not to protect them. I have also been advised to refuse any form of psychotropic drugs, which are frequently prescribed to treat depression.

The use of these drugs has lead to an enormous increase in suicide, a member of my own family tragically killed themselves while using one of these drugs.

Black friends have related tales of folk in their African homeland, whom hide in the jungle, to avoid being vaccinated by the Gates Foundation, which is attempting to vaccinate everyone in Africa.

They hide in fear, as there has been a huge and hidden, number of deaths amongst those whom have been vaccinated. The Gates are Jews, old man Gates was a Eugenicist, working with Planned Parenthood, which admitted to attempting to wipe out Black People.

The number of folk world-wide, whom are addicted to drugs which are laced with either Opiates or Cocaine, is unknown and indeed is never discussed. Just as the reality, that American Troops are guarding the Poppy Fields of Afghanistan, from where the best quality Opium is grown.  While in South America, the CIA has long been linked to the Drug Cartels, thus providing the two hidden ingredients in the highly addictive drugs, which are only available on prescription, at a high price, which would suggest our General Practitioners to be little more than “Dealers.”

The owners of the Major Drug Manufacturers, have outlawed the sale of many Natural Remedies and vitamins,see Codex Alimentarious, making sure that GP’s can prescribe brands, from which they receive a ‘kick-back’ from drug manufacturers.

All of this carnage is controlled by Jews and of course it is all unmentionable because, we are all paranoid, we see Jew influence everywhere, we are all out of our minds, of course we are, which is why Jews deny what we say. None of it true. Rockefeller owns Bayer and Rothschild Merckx. Both of which are just tips of icebergs.

The killing has never slowed down. We have passed through one-hundred-years of slaughter, The Jews have openly called for the destruction of the White Christian Race and during those past one-hundred-years, one-hundred-million White Christian deaths can be laid at the doors of Jews.

These facts are never discussed, all we ever hear, is what is about to kick off on LBC, even as I check what I have just written, yet another dose of boredom about Sean Spicer and his lack of knowledge about the crimes of Hitler and the Jews.

My own people suffered a Genocide at the hands of Jews, which is of course ‘denied,’ by the perpetrators. Just as Churchill, a Jew, with a mother called Jenny Jacobson, which was changed to Jerome, to hide their Jew origins, carried out a Genocide in Bengal, where several million died, all of it denied. David Cameron, a self-confessed Jew, along with Nicolas Sarkozy, a Hungarian Jew, did between them, kick off the Genocides in Libya and Syria.

Are we allowed to ask who or whom will gain from this slaughter? A Muslim host on LBC is suggesting that Spicer was in ‘some way’ denying the ‘Holocaust.’ This daft host claims to have been ‘shocked’ by Spicer’s remarks. This is fast becoming surreal.



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