A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Hitler Hitler Everywhere!


                Hitler Hitler Everywhere!

Un minister de la propaganda nazie appelé Joseph Goebbels a créé un décret universel en 1939, par lequel il a imposé à tout le monde d’accorder les instruments au LA musical à 440 Hertz, au lieu de 432 Hz, une fréquence à laquelle toute la musique s’accordait jusqu’à ce moment. Dès 1939 jusqu’à nos jours, cette fréquence a été utilisée comme standard. Cela provoque chez les gens une manière déterminée de penser et de sentir, et ils sont maintenus soumis à un désordre interne. En 1953, le décret de Goebbels a été approuvé par l’Organisation Internationale de Normalisation (ISO 16:1975).

This morning I received an Email, bearing a tale, that we had been in some way musically manipulated, by yet another dastardly scheme of the Hitler Regime, designed to create chaos.

My immediate reaction to this ridiculous declaration, of yet more wild claims, which have become a necessary ingredient, in any otherwise unproven ‘crime’ which could benefit from the ‘If Hitler was involved, there must be evil intent in there somewhere,’ despite massive evidence that the vast majority of claims made against Hitler and The National Socialist have long been exposed as nothing more than lies, which have been used to cover up the behaviour of the ‘real’  criminals.

So I made a rapid search for evidence, of this claim, which I found to have been well circulated, during the past decades, to the point where it has entered into the lexicon of alleged German crimes. However the research on Roel’s World Blog,


Satisfied me that it was all a load of cobblers and like many of the other loads of crap disseminated about the National Socialists, it can be stuffed into the dustbin, of the Holocaust Museum, of your choice.


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