A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Fake Elections, Fake Weather, Fake Unions And Fake Democracy.




France has long had a reputation for being highly politically aware and yet this reputation is being slightly thrown off course, by the current crop of ‘young’ voters, I believe them to be referred to as Snow-flakes, whom are unashamedly, supporting Emmanuel Macron, who was selected by the Rothschild family, out of nowhere, and presented from day one as the next President of France, despite being unknown by the vast majority of the French people and in all likelihood that will indeed be the final result.

The tactics of fear, which have been used against Marine le Pen, have been as disgusting as those used against Jeremy Corbyn, and Donald Trump. The media have made a mockery out of the Democratic process, taking any form of choice out of the hands of the electorate, by feeding them rubbish about Le Pen, while giving the Bankers Man, Macron, unprecedented support, in the manner in which the entire Media in America, supported Hillary Clinton.

The last Presidential election in France pitted two Jews against each other, one Socialist and the other Centre Right, this time the choice will between a Nationali Socialist, Marine Le Pen, who is described as Extreme Right Wing, as a smear tactic, against a man who can not say whether he is Left, Right or Centre, in an attempt to appeal to all and everybody.

He has also denied the existence of any such thing as a distinct French Culture, France, he tells us, is now Multicultural. He is against borders and in favour of immigration, as was his recent Boss François Hollande, a Socialiste.

All of this suggests a deep-seated Conservatism, in the hearts of the young, and a failure of courage in the older voter.  Marine Le Pen is clearly head and shoulders above the opposition, which is why the Establishment has made such an enormous effort to smear her.

The controllers must certainly have been in a state of panic, for Rothschild to poke his head over the parapet, in support of an idiot like Macron.

The way things are going, this will be the last chance for the French people to save their culture and way of life. It will not be long before the symbols of France start to be dismantled. 

The various Peoples of Europe would do well to take a good look at the United States of America, which has been stolen from under the eyes of the American people.

Once upon time America was a collection of Free States, which allowed itself to be drawn into a Union. That Union then  decreed that control of everything should be taken out of the States hands and into the hands of a Federal Government, from which there was no escape. Those whom attempted to take back control of their own affairs, were very quickly destroyed, in a Civil War, very much in the manner in which Germany was destroyed when Hitler tried to do the same thing.

The resources of the American States, including enormous tracts of land, which contain valuable resources, including, Uranium, Gold, Oil and Water, have been gathered into the clutches, of what is now a huge Corporation called the United States of America, which is controlled by the Bankers.

Donald Trumps first lesson on entering the White House, was to be told that he is only the President of a huge corporation, the running of which has nothing whatever to do with him and should he break the rules, he will be dealt with.

This is where Europe is heading, the United Nations has already staked its claim to all of European Union National Parks, through the UNESCO branch of the scam, which are now part of the European Corporation. The Department of Sustainable Development has been charged with the task of taking control of all Communal land across the European Union. All of this is presented in Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. Very soon it will be too late to change the course of events.

My last post presented the idea that we are living in a totally contrived reality. Part of this false reality is the lie of Climate Change, which is no more than a direct deception, it is not even deserving of being called a theory, it is no more than a cynical attempt to use the threat of the unknown future, as a means of stealing our remaining freedoms.

The final solution for the Elite, is to have us all corralled in huge cities, in tiny apartments, allowing the rich elite,  free range in an empty countryside, with robots looking after them. A virus has taken control of all and everything.


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