A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Timeline Towards The Coming Nightmare.


The Timeline Towards The Coming Nightmare.

At this moment, Israel claims to have nuclear war-headed-inter-continental-ballistic-missiles, aimed at every major capital city, in Europe and the United States. They have adopted a position, which they describe as the Samson Protocol, which declares, that should Israel be in danger of falling, they will be taking the rest of us down with them.

With a threat like that hanging over our heads, from a group of people, whom have demonstrated a consistent ability to slaughter at will, without giving any quarter, why is the American Regime, worrying so much about the North Korean minnow, which is incapable and has shown no sign of belligerent intent, to do harm to anyone?

The Crimes Against Humanity, which includes genocide, committed in Korea during a war provoked by the Americans, crouching behind the cover of the at the time, recently formed, United Nations, in ‘The Peace Bringers’ first blood-thirsty campaign, has never been properly exposed.

The people of North Korea have every right to be fearful of both coalitions, The North Atlantic Treaty organisation and the United Nations – the military side of both organisations are actually indistinguishable – Germany had just been destroyed by ‘The United Nations’ under another name,

What is less well-known is the manner in which the modern world was actually created. We, as a people, take pride in the civilisation which we have built up, from the days of struggle and hardship to put a crust of bread on the table for our families to eat, to the modern world of ‘smart-phones’ and international holidays in the sun and the plague of obesity as a result of overeating.

In reality, we have been manipulated into a state of total stupor, in which state, we have watched, with total detachment, the murderous slaughter of millions and millions of innocent people, who were just like us, in order to satisfy the greed and cruelty of a group of people, with an insatiable appetite for death and destruction. This is what happened to the Koreans in 1949.

While Western man and his ‘partner’ have been sat on the couch, watching whatever rubbish is lighting up their face, from the over-sized screen of the plasma television, which dominates the parlour, without a minute to spare for ‘boring’ things like politics, the creepy people are plotting the next step along the road to perdition.

All of the current round of slaughters, was initiated in 1914 and have continued, without pause, to the present day. The bankers provided the funds for the coup d’etat in Russia. The original politburo was mainly under the control of the international banking families. In return for tricking the American people into the Great War, the British rewarded the Bankers by giving them Palestine. Having manipulated the Germans into the Second World War, they used their Allies in Russia, to destroy the Germans in the most cruel and debased manner possible. Cruelty which came to an end in Germany with the starvation of one and a half million German prisoners of war.

The Second World War had no sooner ended when the same bankers, stabbed the Chinese Republicans in the back, allowing their man, the Communist Chairman Mao, to come to power. They then set about destabilising Korea, claiming that the rise of Communism in the North was a threat to the world????

The same Bankers then sent their newly constructed United Nations into Korea, driving the Communists back to the borders of China, from where the Bankers friends the Chinese Communists, were preparing to come to the aid of North Korea. The American General McArthur demanded permission to destroy the bridges across the Yalu River, to prevent this invasion, permission was refused, leading to a war against the ‘controlled’ Chinese leading to a stalemate and imposition of the ‘truce’ which is still in place to this day.

If you can make any sort of sense out that mixture, I would be happy to receive your wisdom.

Ultimately, when China came to the aid of Korea, Russia had already been armed with American weapons to fight against Japan. This assistance was unnecessary, after the Americans dropped the atomic bombs on Japan, which immediately surrendered, so the Russian arms were then used against the Americans in Korea, by Stalin, who had previously, fought alongside the Americans in Europe, for which he had been given control of Eastern Europe.

Stalin then carried out the role of the Brutal Dictator, by treating the countries of Eastern Europe, particularly those which had fought alongside the Germans, in a demonic fashion, while the Bankers, waited silently in the back-ground, as their new enterprise, the European Union was being constructed.

Lenin had himself predicted the Soviet Empire would last for seventy years, at which point it would meld, seamlessly with Europe. In 1989, his prediction came true, when the President of Russia at the time, Mikhail Gorbachev, a Jew, came along with his ‘Glasnost’ and ‘Perestroika’ which was greeted with declarations of love from Margaret Thatcher and others.

At this point Gorbachev stepped out of the picture and entered the ranks of the United Nations, where he took on the role of the Messiah, who would introduce the New World Religion of Gaia, to the youngsters in controlled classrooms.

All of the Communist dominated countries of Eastern Europe, were now ‘Free’ to declare their allegiance to the new prison which had already been prepared for them in the European Union, which they believed to be a safe haven.

Meanwhile, in China, the bankers have installed most of the valuable industries of Europe and the United States, while making, the once Communist Russians, their trusted side-kicks, whom they had installed in power in 1917 and whom had stood alongside them in the war with Germany, supplying them with enough arms and equipment to outgun the Germans, back into the role Cold War enemies once again.

There is a simple method of problem solving, when faced with apparent complications, with many possible solutions available, it is referred as Occam’s Razor. Which states that the simplest answer is normally the correct one.

Should one apply this principle to modern history, it would appear that, The Great War masked the coup d’etat in Russia and the taking down of the Ottoman Empire to make Palestine available to those whom had won the war, providing Baron Rothschild with Israel. The Germans were forced to take the blame for the Great War and Germany was immediately cut to ribbons to reduce its power. The Germans resisted the Bankers attempts to install their Communism in Germany, leading to the ‘maverick’ Hitler coming to power.

Hitler was a Nationalist, with the intention of keeping Germany free from the Bankers Communism, which was already waiting to take control of the British, in the guise of ‘Socialism’.which was being resisted by the Oswald Mosley’s Brown-Shirts. The bankers objection to the election of Hitler was to declare war on Germany.

At Yalta, a group of men, all of them Jews, carved Europe into various zones. There were no discussions about these moves, it was all simply decided on the hoof without any reference to the Countries involved or to any of the elected governments, across Europe. It was a coup d’etat, carried out against huge swathes of Eastern Europe, backed up by British and American fire-power.

A cloak of silence was then lowered between Eastern and Western Europe, allowing a horrendous slaughter to take place out of sight. This slaughter was high-lighted, when the Morgenthau plan, to starve thirty-million Germans to death was exposed and the British and French were shamed into dropping food-stuffs to the starving people of Berlin, which though cut in two, was situated behind the Iron Curtain, in the Bolshevik Zone.

The initial European project was already under construction and thanks to the inevitable availability of work, mainly in the construction business, to repair the war damage, things went well. Gradually and in some cases unwillingly, most of Europe demanded entry into the club. It is a Free Masonic principle, that they only accept those whom ask to join, to ensure that they have no responsibility for any deleterious result which may affect those whom willingly joined.

Meanwhile the Jews had been streaming into Rothschild’s Palestine, killing many British soldiers in the process and driving out the indigenous people, under cover of the post-war chaos, a war which, do not forget, had been initiated by Jews.

The European Union was a construct of those whom gave us Communism and Fabian Socialism. It depends on total control. Mavericks cannot be tolerated, which is why Hitler had to go and why all of Europe must accept allegiance to an unelected Politburo in Brussels. That is our current position, none of it by chance, so why has Britain been allowed to ‘Brexit?’

Russia is destined to play a role in another construct, The Eurasian Union, alongside those Far Eastern European States which are not members of the EU and parts of China which are already calling for independence. Should you be charitable, you are free to believe that the apparent ‘freedom’ of Russia is true, I find it hard to believe that the Bolsheviks ever surrendered their Jewel in the Crown, Russia.

Europe has been destroyed. That is an indisputable fact. All talk of rebuilding the economies of Europe and the United States is hot air. The current system, which has been grabbed by the Bankers, only works for them. There is no way out with the same form of control in place.

Ten percent of rich people own ninety-nine percent of the wealth of the world. They have maintained this system, by over-paying carefully selected lackeys’ while the rest of us have been systematically robbed, while our young men have been ‘pressed’ into wars of execution.

Israel is quietly watching its proxy army Daech, using terror tactics, similar to the atrocities which were committed against the German people after the Bolshevik invasion, beheadings, mutilations, crucifixion and rape, all of them, tried and tested tactics designed to instill fear in people and to encourage them to take flight. While Jews all across the States and Europe are urging mass immigration, you hardly have need of a brain to figure that one out.

Any form of resistance to this agenda has been massively denigrated by the controlled media. National Socialism, is called extreme Right Wing. Le Pen dared to mention the Jews, she compounded her ‘mistake’ by calling for restrictions on immigration, she dug herself deeper into her hole by suggesting that France should leave the Eurozone, all of these things are against Jew interests. Her rival Macron announces himself to be in favour of all of the things Le Pen opposes, meaning that when he is placed in power, the French people will be told, that they can not claim to have been unaware of for what Macron stood, he laid it out in front of you, thus satisfying the Masonic principle of ‘You got what you asked for.’

Across Europe the same principle applies, only covert Communists are allowed to be elected. This is pay-back for Hitler denying the likes of Rosa Luxembourg her coup d’etat in Germany in the years after the Great War.

The German people are beyond hope, they will never be allowed to forget the lies with which they have been brainwashed, about events during the Second World War. They are frightened to so much as watch a youtube clip on-line, in case it contravenes viewing laws, which can lead to several months in prison, much in the style of the old East German regime, of which Angela Merkel was a member.

Scandinavia has thrown in the towel, the only hope for them is to join forces in one selected country and leave the rest to the invaders. In that way they may survive. The rest of Europe has already been deceived about the number of immigrants in their midst, which will become seriously apparent, when the Social Security payments are cut off in the coming crash.

The above stream of events, which in my amateurish manner I have attempted to lay out, suggest a straight line to where we now find ourselves, the solution to which is in our own hands. If only half of the intrigues which I have mentioned can be verified, we are in deep dooh dooh and our ‘leaders’ will not be available to help us out. Those like Gadaffi, were stupid enough to place their faith in Rothschild, who presented himself as a friend of Saif Gadaffi.

A Japanese General once famously told Hitler that his biggest mistake was to trust the British, a lot of people can vouch for that sentiment.

The British Brexit Queen Theresa May has just proudly announced how proud she was of the British Lords, Balfour and Halifax, whom had concocted the Balfour Declaration, which quite illegally gave a Sovereign State into the hands of a banker, in return for his assistance, in deceiving the United States into a war, which slaughtered millions of people, including several million British troops. Talk about living in a dream world, are we meant to now believe that Theresa May is not a mere vassal of Rothschild, pretending to be standing solid with the British people?


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