A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Frightened Elite Never Show Their Faces.

The Frightened Elite Never Show Their Faces.

What the Jews are doing, to earn an ever-increasing level of criticism, which is taking place in full view of the whole wide world, is perhaps as a result of the fact they  have slaughtered in droves, the indigenous people in Palestine and driven hundreds of thousands more into refugee camps, crimes of such enormity – might one dare suggest them to be – far in excess of the unproven allegations, made without any supporting evidence, of crimes against Jews. In memory of one such alleged crime, there are Holocaust Museums, all across the world.

These vicious folk are being attacked, quite simply because they are barbarians. They are even now, as they whine in ever more strident tones, about a perceptible increase in the number of people whom do not like them, they are actively involved in the clearances of the rest of the territory, which they fully intend to steal, with which to create a Jew Super-State, without regard for the number of people whom may be slaughtered in the process.

Should the same terms be used to describe Germany’s past ‘crimes’ against Jews, the fact that it was the Jews whom declared war against Germany, does not matter, but to criticise Israel for its crimes against humanity, in a war which was once again instigated by Jews, is frowned upon and could lead to prosecution. It is also, in certain company, it is bad manners, to make any form of derogatory remark against the Jews, to so do, is liable to provoke an instant cackle of abusive responses.

Do these Jews seriously expect to be loved, for such cold-blooded selfish, murdering mayhem? The Jews in Israel, whom we are assured are perfectly nice people, with a perfect right to steal a land, to which they have no claim, and who get pleasure from watching the bombardment of women and children in Gaza, and are in fact, claiming to be defending themselves, against the vociferous behaviour of those whom are being treated in a manner, similar to that, of which they complain was carried against themselves, this is called hypocrisy, however it is far more sinister than mere hypocrisy.

While the British and American Governments, throw their arms up in horror, claiming that President Assad in Syria, is deliberately killing his own people, and Theresa May is asking for the right to bomb Syria, should Assad agains Transgress, they fail to explain the position of the Palestinian people, whom are constantly being bombed with illegal weapons, by the controlling power, the Jews.

Does this not qualify as ‘bombing your own people?’ Is there a special category, for those whom may be freely murdered, in the eyes of the British and their friends? Why are there no ‘red lines’ to curb the behaviour of the Jews?

Do the Jews, honestly believe, that they can behave in this manner, without provoking the same level of hatred which they, freely express against the Germans? Have they no understanding at all, of their own behaviour? I ask this question before even mentioning their apparent ignorance of the historical fact, that they can themselves, lay claim to the title of the greatest mass murderers in History.

These questions arise,  simply because there have been many recent claims of an upsurge in anti-Jew sentiments. What is the difference between criticising the disgraceful behaviour of Muslims and Jews? In a sense this is a real enigma, simply because to express negative sentiments against Jews is apparently anti-Semitic, when in fact these Jews are ‘not’ Semitic, while on the other hand, Muslims are freely bad-mouthed, all over the media, without any loud-mouthed criticism from the Friends of Israel, calling for the same level of protection for the ‘real’ Semites, as they insist on for false Semites.

The media, while condemning anti-Semitism when it is directed against Jews, has played an active part in the total condemnation of Semitic Muslims, in the name of the 911 False Flag attack in New York, which they have obstinately refused to investigate, because all of the ‘solid’ evidence points toward the people whom ‘own’ the very media, which has conspired, with ‘fake news’ to force the Muslims to carry the can, for a crime which had absolutely nothing to do with them.

The Jews are, in their own terms,  the real anti-Semites and they should be prosecuted and persecuted, for having actually stolen the meaning of a word, which they have applied to themselves, from the people they continue to persecute. This is intended to fool the world into believing them to have some historical claim, to Palestine. Talk about false realities, the Jews would have us believe anything, all with the support of Democratically elected scumbags.

The media in Israel proudly informs us, in the Jerusalem Post, that they, Israel, supports the aims of ISIS to destroy Syria, while the media, which they control in the West, does not even present this proof, that the Peoples of Europe are being deceived into fighting for Israel alongside Israeli Mercenaries.

During the General Elections, which are taking place in the United Kingdom and France, it is forbidden to even mention the word ‘Jew’ in an attempt to present this ‘Treasonous’ behaviour of Politicians, whom in both countries are dancing to the tune of the Rothschild family. It would be considered to be anti-Jew, to suggest, the truth presented in The Jerusalem Post, that Israel and International Jewry/Zionism, has been funding and supporting, ISIS/Daech all across the Middle East.

This is being done in an attempt to provoke, what Rothschild’s man in France, Macron, is suggesting to be the coming reality in France, that of a Civil War, not provoked by the behaviour of Jews, of course not, but by Marine Le Pen, according to those whom have massacred millions of Muslims and devastated their homelands, in recent times, these ghouls refer to her as being xenophobic, simply because she refuses to accept into France, those Muslims being driven out of their homes in the Middle East, to suit the desires of Israel.

To so much as suggest there to be an Israeli benefit or interest in the destruction of Syria and Iraq, is inadmissible as being ‘hate speech’ that is to where we have all been herded by the persistent pressure of claims of past crimes against Jews, which were used as the excuse, which started this madness in the Middle East and is a direct consequence of the Second World War.

The war which was imposed on Europe to suit the aims of International Jewry and which has, ever since, been cynically blamed on the ‘real’ victims of the war, Germany, which stumbled into the trap laid by the Bolsheviks in the Treaty of Versailles, and woke up to find itself under the same Jack-Boot, as had Russia, when the Western funded Bolshevik Jews, carried out their blood-bath, having already killed the Christians in Ukraine and Russia.

Even as Europe is being swamped with Muslims, from Africa and the Middle East, the Jews are gleefully informing us, that the Muslims are their Allies and that together they will destroy White Europe.

While ‘Real News’ is suppressed in the West, not only suppressed but ridiculed as being racist, even as the Jews, who own the media, sternly defend the purity of their own people, even as they brag about using the Muslims, whom are being cynically slaughtered by Christians, whom are once again being deceived into fighting a brutal war in the Middle East, while under the covert control of a gaggle of Jews.

The British and French, fail to understand, that when the Civil War kicks off, it will not be fought in a face to face battle, it will be just like the massacres which are ongoing in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Syria and Yemen, with suicide bombers, and heavily armed groups of Daech/ISIS renegades, whom will install themselves in certain areas, where they can be re-furnished with all the necessities, to do to our towns and cities, what all of the recent British and French governments have, since 2003, inflicted on the Muslim World.

When Emmanuel Macron suggested that the election of Marine Le Pen would be playing into the hands of the Muslim Terrorists, he had quite obviously not been informed of the admission of the liaison between Jews, with their friends in Saudi Arabia, whom are the actual ‘terrorists’, while Le Pen dare not correct this shameful slur, simply because she has already been successfully gagged, by cries of being a ‘denier’ and anti-Jew, so in this ‘free country’ called France, she dare not speak the truth, while Macron, with Establishment support, can make any claim which occurs to him, without need of evidence in support. The only permissible use of the word Jew, is to mention it in order to report a ‘defamatory’ remark made against a Jew.

Finally, rest assured, that one way or another, all of the slaughter and destruction in the Middle East, was at the hands of the Jews, Sarkozy, Hollande, Merkel, Cameron and Fabius with others in the background. They have taken control of the West, out of the hands of the people of the West and having done so, they should be prepared to accept their share of the blame, for the bloodshed.

They are using every means at their disposal to smear, Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen, Donald Trump and several other Nationalist Parties across Europe, because these people pose a threat to Jew dominance in Europe.

They will, very soon manage to shut down those like me who express an opinion with which they disagree. They hold all of the means of censorship in their grasp, while we, in the ‘alternative’ have no power whatsoever.


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