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The Taking Down of the World, One, Two, Three.

The Taking Down of the World, One, Two, Three.

As far back as the 18th Century, the British Military was being used to support the City of London and Rothschild’s Trading Empire, by passing the Tea Act, which allowed Baron Rothschild’s East India Company to impose a monopoly on the Tea Trade in North America, which was of course, used as the excuse to install the Masonic Corporation into power in America, replacing George 3rd as the ‘official’ ruler, under the cover of a coup d’etat, humorously referred to as ‘The War of Independence,’ when in fact it was an early indication of the corporate seizure of the World.

Since when, they have surreptitiously taken control of all and everything, including ownership of the American People themselves, using debt as the means to so do.

A short time later, the same band of rich bankers, funded a coup d’etat in France, which was used to murder the French Royal Family and a huge swathe of the bourgeois. The gullible young ‘leaders’ of the ‘Revolution’ were themselves quickly murdered, allowing the Franc Masons to replace them, with their own men.

Ordinary people, have no idea of the closeness, to one another of these events. The quiet takedown of the entire Christian World, has in fact been non-stop, should the date of the ‘Revolution’ in America be used as the starting point.

There was a mere thirteen years between these events in America and the coup d’etat in France. Soon after, parts of the American regime, rebelled against the stranglehold of the Bankers and the War of 1812, was declared against them, even as Napoleon, the last Frenchman with the courage to stand up to the Bankers, was already in Moscow, fighting the Russians.

The same Napoleon whose defeat at Waterloo, a short time later, allowed Rothschild, to slyly buy, for pennies on the pound, a huge portion of the shares listed on the London Stock Exchange.

For the British Rich Elite, times were good, however for the poor, they were having to deal with an earlier model of Agenda 21, which was called the Enclosure of Common Land Act, which forced Country Folk, out of their villages, to be used as slaves in the Industrial Revolution, where unable to produce their own food, they either worked to pay rent and eat a miserable diet, or starve. Not much as changed since then.

In Ireland, the City of London, used the excuse of a Potato Blight, to deliberately starve five million Irish peasants to death, and deported hundreds of thousands more to Canada and the West Indies as ‘slaves.’ They used the term, Indentured Servants, to disguise the reality of their actions.

A few short years later, the ‘Brexiteers’ of their day, the Confederate States in America, were brutally destroyed by the Federal Government, for simply demanding their Right to leave the Union. This has been portrayed, in a manner similar to the excuse in Ireland, as a war to end slavery. It was no such thing.

By 1898, the Zionist Jews, were holding their first Conference in Basel, Switzerland. They were already planning the Russian coup d’etat and the Great War, to destroy Germany and the Ottoman Empire, with the aim of taking control of the Middle East.

That was the first one hundred years of the Banking rich, seizing control of the world, a control which has become ever more entrenched during the second hundred years, leading up to this day.

The British people are now in the firing line, having voted, in such huge numbers to ‘Brexit’ the upstart bankers union in Europe, that a vote ‘rigging’ was impossible. The second possibility, was to declare the result to be of a lesser majority, than was the truth, in order to play for time, while they desperately seek an excuse to deny the Democratic Right of the British.

Having just managed, through mass electoral fraud, to install Emmanuel Macron, in France, steps are being taken to ‘change the minds’ of the British. Baron Rothschild has ordered his devoted Prime Minister Theresa May to call a General Election.

This has provided the bait, for the ‘bring ’em all in’ immigration supporter, Jeremy Corbyn, a closet Communist, to promise to re-nationalise, the stolen assets of the British, which were ‘privatised’ by previous Conservative and Labour Governments, back into the hands of the People.

This will allow for the upgrading of the ‘private’ Railway system, which is already being subsidised by the people, bringing it into a pristine state of repair, ready for a future ‘re-privatisation’ quickly followed by the Electricity Grid and the Royal Mail.

The Communist European Union, which operates a slightly altered, system of Communism, in which the Elite Bankers and Industrialist, have replaced the idea that the ‘workers’ control the means of production, et cetera, to a situation where they own everything and we own nothing whatsoever.

There are already laws in the pipeline in the European Union, to make it illegal to re-nationalise, any industry or utility, which has already been privatised, which tells you all you need to know about for who or whom, the EU is working.

Corbyn, almost as if he has been warned to expect a surprise result in this coming UK election, has announced that should the European Union, propose a ‘Hard Brexit’ he will not allow ‘his’ government to accept it and he will call for a vote in Parliament, knowing there to be a majority in favour of ‘remaining’ in the EU. The British should cross their fingers and hope that the EU commission did not hear Corbyn’s promise.

In France, Le Pen was allowed to get to the second round of the election, because the French system has provided a means of using the votes of other candidates in the first round, in favour of their ‘preferred’ candidate in the second round. The system itself is a perversion of Democracy. Nobody wanted Macron and his mother in power in France, so all of the Peoples’ preferred candidates were eliminated, as most people were not at all surprised that it was Le Pen who lost out, had it been Melenchon or Fillon there would have been riots in the Streets of France.

Macron has already promised his allegiance to the idea of a fully integrated Europe, under the control of the unelected Bankers and Industrialists. He was in favour of Agenda 2030, which creates the excuse to depopulate the country-side, along with CETA, TTIP, TPP  Treaties and all of the other means of handing control of France into the Private System of Justice, which will levy ‘Fines’ against those States which interfere in any way with ‘Trade.’

Macron has already, visited Algeria, where he has held talks

with Algerian Politicians, aiming to provide a bridge, making it easier for Algerians to enter France, in numbers, well in excess of the current three-hundred-thousand, whom arrive annually. There are already so many Algerians in France, that very soon, the French will be obliged to emigrate in the other direction. This is why ‘nobody’ wanted Macron to win. The Result of the French Election is a total farce.


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