A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

White Man Him Easy Touch Him Give Me Money Now Me Want Smartphone Etc.

Russia Today is broadcasting all of the usual nonsense about World War Two in the usual manner, which involves images of Jews, followed by film of dead people being interred in mass graves, implying all of them to have been victims of German atrocities.

I listened to the above utterings of absolute garbage, on George Galloway’s show on RT. In Georges absence it is  hosted by a ‘good friend’ of George, who is of course everybody’s champion of freedom, who is ‘sadly’ obliged to associate himself with this garbage, without any form of response, in order to receive his monthly pay-check from RT.

The atrocities which were carried out by the ‘Allies’ during the Second World War were far worse than were those of the Germans, and it has taken a battalion of folk, down through the years to conceal this truth. Those atrocities culminated in the starvation of two million German prisoners of war,  in the Rhine Meadow Camps, and a further five hundred thousand in France.  The number whom were tortured and murdered in the Bolshevik Gulags is unknown. And let us not forget the rape of over two million German women, by the savages whom had forced Germany to war.




Should Russia, have genuinly shrugged off its Bolshevik Jew controlled regime, as we have been assured they have done, why are they continuing to present this nonsense? Having been delving into all aspects of World War Two, it has become perfectly clear, that we have all been fed a tale which simply does not hold water. The Allies were unspeakable bastards during the war.

Who stands to lose the most should the truth be told? That is a question which will eventually be answered, through the simple medium of deduction. There is so much ‘truth’, staring us in the face, which is quite obviously, simply being ignored,  even as it is being presented to us, as if we are deaf, having  been so completely conditioned to interpret what we are hearing, in the exact manner in which we have been conditioned to hear it.

For example, while watching the images of dead people, in wartime clips, should the spoken narrative be changed, we would accept the ‘change’ as being the truth. I was tempted to ‘dub’ an alternative commentary to the Auschwitz clip, in place of the youtube version, but I was not convinced that it was actually Auschwitz. 

I will give you a good example, to smear Adolf Hitler, the final nail in his coffin, is to explain that he was fully funded by Rothschild and other banking families, most of whom are on record,  as having been in favour of an International Jew war against the National Socialist regime, which was elected in Germany in 1933.

This notion, is in keeping with the well-known idea, that Bankers have traditionally funded both sides in all of the wars, since the 18th Century. During my school days, one of my tutors, informed the class, that during the Napoleonic Wars, British Industrialists were exporting ‘cannon barrels’, marked as ‘guttering’ to the Napoleonic regime, because they were of a higher quality than were the French variety. This is apparently acceptable under the terms of Trading With The Enemy, which permits the selling of items which the enemy can purchase elsewhere.

This implies, that should the ‘holocaust’ have been a reality, which Jews assure us to be the truth, the obvious conclusion must be, that the Jews funded their own annihilation. It is in fact even more serious than that, there are many distinguished historians, whom assure us that Hitler was himself a Jew. As for funding Hitler, there is not a shred of evidence that any of the Bankers money was any more than a normal investment in an economy which was booming, it is a nonsense to suggest that this investment was to funs a war.

My conclusions have taken me a step further down the line, to a position where, having researched documents, which are still available, including those of the Red Cross and indeed British Intelligence records, of the interception of German communications, by the team at Bletchley Park, between the Concentration Camps and Berlin, plus the Auschwitz Death Books,  that it was clear that all sets of records corresponded with each other, and with Jew Almanac figures, for the Jew population, both before and after the war, which clearly showed an ‘increase’ in the population of Jews after the war. The only figures which are out of step, are those which claim that the entire Jew population of Europe had been wiped out.

This lead me on to investigate the reason behind the numerous dead inmates in German Camps, at the end of the war. The idea that they had been gassed and were awaiting the furnaces, seemed doubtful, so what could have caused their deaths?

There is a mountain of evidence, on record, from the inmates of German Camps, whom give a totally different account of their experiences, while they were interned. For example we are shown very few images of the ‘survivors’ of Auschwitz, or indeed any of the Camps, apart from those in Germany itself. I have found this Russian film, the cineast is the old man with the medals.

I present it as filmed, without sound, you must make up your own mind about what you are actually seeing. Having watched it myself, I notice all of the key ingredients, which are a part of the accepted tale. I am limited by YouTube, for being a bad boy, so I am allowed a mere fifteen minutes per clip, but a simple search will provide the full version on YouTube.

The German Camps were the last to be ‘liberated’ and were the only Camps, which were denied food convoys, which were strafed and destroyed by British and American aerial attacks. Without food and with an outbreak of typhus and other transmissible diseases, you will very quickly lose body mass, while typhus has a similar effect on the human body, as does  starvation.  It is well-known that during wars, there are in many cases, more deaths from diseases of one sort or another, than from the results of the war itself.

This photo of men in a Concentration Camp,  was taken by a GI as the camp was being liberated. It was published in the Daily Mail, as such, I believe this to be Fake News, as it looks more like a still from a fifties film to me. Whatever the truth, they all look in pretty good condition for the conditions they are in.




I have now come to the conclusion that the number of deaths sought by the Zionists, to fulfil their cherished six-million Jew victims tale, which had previously been touted on dozens of occasions, was not succeeding, as far fewer Jews than expected, had perished in Work Camps, so to boost the number, there had been a deliberate policy to deny the Camps provisions of food, sanitary and medical supplies. This resulted in many more deaths, though not many of them were Jews.

In the clip, which I have provided, there is not much sign of starvation in the faces of those whom were liberated and there were many old people and children amongst them. It is said to have been Auschwitz, and the rows of inmates in the dormitories, is indicative of the facility with which diseases would flourish. Surprisingly, there were many  marriages between inmates in Auschwitz and many babies were born.

Here we are seventy or more years later and we are all expected to continue to bend our knee in sorrow, for the Jews whom are said to have died in these Camps. Politicians across the world are constantly being harangued, should they fail to show an appropriate level of reverence for these claims.

These subservient politicians have also forced their own taxpayers to finance the erection of monuments and museums to ensure that such acts should never again be tolerated, even as Jews, in Palestine are deliberately destroying the Palestinian people and quietly provoking a regional clearance, at the cost of millions of lives. What sort of people are they? What is worse, why do we allow them to use ‘Our Boys’ to do it?

A brave, though much maligned man, called Nick Griffin, dared to speak out against the destruction of his own people, which unlike the Jews, we are apparently unworthy of any place on earth. We are told, by Jews, that we are not even fit to call ourselves a ‘Race’ we are a mere ‘mishmash’ of junk genes, culled from all over the place.

It goes without saying that should a White man make such claims about Jews, or so much as suggest that Israel is doomed, should it fail to accept its quota of Black and Brown Muslims, there would be world-wide condemnation, of this heresy.

In the once White Country of South Africa, uncontrolled immigration has lead to the slaughter of thousands of the White people, whose hard work built South Africa, at the hands of those immigrants, with the connivance of the Jews,  who financed the likes of Nelson Mandela and encouraged the carnage.

There is no place for Whites in a Black country. In Algeria, one million White people of French origin but of Algerian birth, were immediately kicked out after Independence. Be warned, only White Christians deliver charity to others. In Turkey the refugees are in tents, while in Europe, we pay them to come over here and see to all necessary comforts, when they arrive. We, are as dumb as dumb can be. Why do we resettle these folk while their own Peoples keep them in tents until they can return home?


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