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Trumps Promises A Religious Triangle, Of War, Between Jesus Christ, Lucifer And The Prophet Of Doom, Against Terrorism?



Trumps Promises A Religious Triangle, Of War, Between Jesus Christ, Lucifer And The Prophet Of Doom, Against Terrorism?

The religious beliefs of one billion Christians and one billion Muslims, are now being lined up, alongside a miniscule number of Jews and Wahhabis’ as being the three most important World religions. How exactly did the Jews manage to justify this inclusion, without any word of criticism from the Hindus or the Buddhists? Or indeed alongside the Sheiks of Araby, who have no helping hand to hold out to a single refugee.

The religion of the Jews is of no more importance than many other minor cults and their philosophy, as laid out in the Talmud, has no place in any religion to which I would seek membership.

Donald Trump, who is at this moment, visiting the Centres of these three religions, is promising world peace, as a result of a liaison between the Christians, whom abide by the words of love and peace of Jesus Christ and the genocidal Jew maniacs in Palestine, whom will be continuing an ongoing massacre of Muslims in Palestine, which will in all probability, provoke no word of criticism from Trump, along with the barbaric proto-Jews in Saudi Arabia, whom practice crucifixion, dismemberment of the hands of thieves, the whipping of men and women for trivial crimes, the stoning to death of adulteress’ and the beheading of those whom criticise the Royal family.

Both the Jews and the Muslims are obliged to deny, many facets of their pseudo religions, which call for bloodcurdling, behaviour against those unbelievers, whom refuse to bow down to their demands. They are both in denial of a long list of atrocities, which are continuing to this day all across the Middle East, where a religious war against Shiite Muslims and Christians is ongoing, while the Jews, with satisfied smirks on their faces, remain untouched by the conflicts, in the heart of darkness, Israel.

Trump has already broadcasted his satisfaction in closing three-hundred-billion dollars worth of deals with the Saudi slaughterers of Yemen, who will soon be passing this extraordinary mountain of armaments towards their Daech friends in Syria, in order to remove Israel’s last obstacle in the region, preventing them from stealing Syria’s vast oil reserves.

Britain, France, Israel and the United States, have already started the second phase of the complete clearance of the Middle East of its Arab component, a crime which was kick started by the Jew “survivors” who fresh from the Concentration Camps, came storming into Palestine, in 1947 slaughtering the indigenous people by the thousand and driving them, by the hundreds of thousands, into Concentration Camps, in the surrounding countries, where they have been trapped ever since. We must all however feel sorry for the poor Jews.

Trump is now announcing his intention of setting up a group of concerned States, including Israel and Saudi Arabia, both of whom will pretend to fight against the Terrorists in Syria, to whom they will soon be passing the arms, with which they have been furnished by the United States, in a baffling maneuver designed to drive the terrorists out of the region. Would it not be a lot simpler to stop arming the terrorists?

Trump, the man who has been decrying the attitude of the Fake Media, went on to announce that with this alliance of filth, he will be taking down the Iranians’ and the Syrians’ whom he describes as being the biggest financiers of terrorism in the region, this statement in such company must surely be the very nadir of fake news?

That this should be said by Trump, on the anniversary of the brutal attack on the USS Liberty, by the vicious terrorist State of Israel, in 1967, during the period when they carried out a surprise attack against Egypt and Syria and captured East Jerusalem. Trumps next stop will be in Tel Aviv, where he will joke with these murderers of the crew of the Liberty, whom have never been held to account.

Fifty years on and the United States, France and the United Kingdom, are still determined to help the Jews create their dream of Greater Israel at whatever cost to the rest of humanity.


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