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Manchester Arena Bloodless Coup.

Manchester Arena Bloodless Coup.

The bomb in the Manchester Arena, was detonated in the furthermost corner of the hall foyer, which meant that the vast majority of the audience had no idea whatsoever what had happened.

Nobody has any footage of the actual carnage, which has been reported, while the ‘shaky’ film footage from ‘smart-phones’ shows little sign of panic. The injured, whom were helped out of the building, already bandaged, did not give much impression of being the type of ‘fan’ one would expect to find at a concert given by the foul-mouthed, sister of Satan, Ariana Grande. If she is an example of a current teeny-bopper role model, things are far worse than I thought.

Still photographs of the scene of the crime, show no sign of any structural damage, and apart from the odd swipe mark of red on the floor, there is little sign of the ‘alleged’ blood and body parts, ‘all over the place’.

Strangely, when a mother and daughter tried to leave the building just before the bomb went off, there were already a groups of security men, blocking their passage, telling them to leave by another exit. Being a cynic, my immediate thought was that as had been the scene of the Westminster Bridge attack, the roads outside the arena, were already taped off, in readiness for what was about to take place in the foyer of the arena.

I actually heard a woman talking about a friend of hers, who had run out of the building, the fastest she had ever run, covered in other people’s blood but we saw no sign of it. What we did see was the usual ‘walking injured’, wrapped in aluminium sheets and the dried eyed crying and ‘devastated’ people hugging each other, right on cue, in front of the ever-present camera crew.

Having studied the images of the audience leaving the building, I could see no sign of panic, the ‘smart-phone’ images were taken by an idiot who kept waving his arm around as if he was in panic, while everybody else passed quietly in front of him.

This is one of the most badly presented of all of the recent ‘attacks’ in the United Kingdom and it is sure to provoke much hilarity amongst the more alert members of the British people.


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