A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Europe Is Twerking To Destruction.

Europe has been destroyed and to emphasise that destruction, the G7 group is attempting to impose a Carbon Tax on the already poverty-stricken people of Europe, which we are being told, will be used to aid the Third World countries, which are also being forced into abject poverty through Carbon restrictions, which will be forced on them, making it illegal to cook with wood burning stoves, amongst other things.

The new industrialised Asian countries, Japan, China, India and Korea, where the Zionists have discreetly installed all of the once European Industries, will be exonerated from Carbon Dioxide restrictions and other more deleterious emission limits, until it affects them, without regard for us. (read more)

While the ‘Free West’ claims to be spreading Democracy into the dark corners of brutal dictatorial regimes, at home in the heartland of freedom, the military are patrolling the streets of London and Manchester, in order to ‘protect’ the freedoms of the British, from attacks, which are very similar to SAS attacks in Dublin, Ulster and more recently in Basra, in an attempt to provoke a militant response from the devastated folk of the Middle East.

Having failed to do so, various undercover organisations, MI6, Mossad and the CIA, using assets like Eric Prince’s Blackwater, now called Academi or the big boys at G4 S, whose paid mercenaries are dressing up for photo-calls, in between crucifying and dismembering Christians all across the Middle East and North Africa, pretending to be ISIS, which generates an excuse for the NATO destruction of any state where ISIS claims responsibility for an attack. Apart that is when the attack takes place in France or the United Kingdom or any other member state of the European Union.

After a bizarre ‘attack’ in Manchester in the United Kingdom, which in keeping with an attack in Paris at the Bata’clan theatre, where a ‘Death Metal’ Jew band, was playing, Manchester Arena was playing host to another ‘Twerker’ called Ariana Grande, who like her erstwhile predecessor Miley Cyrus, has most certainly chosen to join a band of filth, which includes, Katy Perry and Nikki Minaj, who are intent on destroying the morality of the young, for personal gain.

I do not believe that I am being too moralistic to suggest that should this drivel be an example of the ‘new woman’ I wish you the best of luck boys. That this travesty of derivative warbles, easily engineered, to the preferred level of mediocrity, clip of music, should have been watched, on YouTube by nearly one billion people is hard enough to believe, considering, that like Emmanuel Macron, nobody I know had ever heard of her before the Manchester event. This is all a long, long, way from the innocence of the Seekers. I took my kids to many concerts, the most ‘dangerous’ was ‘Motorhead’ and they were pretty soft compared to the new breed of crap, which quite clearly has an agenda to push.

Thousands of folk in Manchester, are today choosing to join the ‘Hive’ mentality, which is exactly what is being recommended by the Queens of the New Age, by having a Bee, tattooed on their body.

Thankfully, Donald Trump, is for the moment standing his ground over the Carbon Dioxide restrictions, which the Bolshevik controlled United Nations – which the Jews will be installing in Greater Israel, when the vast majority of Muslims are either dead of living elsewhere – because he knows that control of the weather does not depend on Carbon Dioxide, however, to restrict emissions in the United States and Europe, will drive the last nail into the coffin of European Industry.

So, all of you youngsters, either Z’s or Millenials’ or Generation X or simple idiots, refuse the offer of the hive, in the coming election, remember Corbyn is a member of the Fabian Society Hive, Theresa May is a member of the Friends of Israel Hive, Farron, the Lib-Dem’s man is a waste of space, he wants to remain in the European Hive and will vote for another Referendum. So find a single issue candidate, with an issue that suits you and vote for him or her, a vote for any of the others, will give one or the other of them the right to stop Brexit, that is what this election is all about, because you did not vote correctly in that Referendum.


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