A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

One Half Of The United States Mob Controlled Government Is Exposed.


The American political system has been under “Mob” control for the past one hundred years or more. All of the various ‘Intelligence Agencies’ and other branches of government are nothing more than the upper echelons of Drug Cartels, the Liquor Industries, Prostitution, Pornography and Paedophile Clubs, which pay the Political ‘front-men’ to do as they are told.

The Democratic Party has been outed for what they really are and as a result they are flailing around, killing anyone who may be a threat, making wild, unsupported accusations, against Russia and Donald Trump and all of those whom support them, to cloud the real issues.

The tale of Seth Rich, who was kidnapped, beaten black and blue, shot twice in the back and then thrown out of a car onto the pavement and left to die, is a good example of the extremes, to which cornered rats, will go, to cover up their crimes.

Rich did apparently survive the two gunshot wounds, but was later allowed to die in hospital, when the Intensive Care Unit, which was taking care of him, was ordered out of the surgery, by the Federal Agents whom were ‘investigating’ a ‘botched’ attempted robbery. Seth Rich died as a result of their ‘care.’



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