A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

We Want You Big Brother, Someone To Fool Us, Someone Like You.

There are many folk out there, attempting to convince us that the train is coming off the tracks for the ‘Globalists.’ That their desire to create a fully homogenised population of dumbed down idiots, whom will do the work, which is unfit for the Robots, has been defeated by election victories for Brexit and Trump.

Trump has been ‘allowed’ to leave the grip of the Treaty of Paris, which will allow the United States to use methods, denied to Europe and Africa, to kick-start American industry, in order to create yet another Union, be sure of that.

This is happening even as Agenda 2030, is being hailed as the only way to save the planet and is marching, inevitably, towards a grim future for the embattled Peoples of Europe.

New laws in France, against private transport , will be coming into force in two years time, which will lead to the scrapping of millions of older vehicles, which will be deemed unfit to continue in service, which will eventually make it impossible to buy a second-hand car, which will deny poorer people, living in country towns and villages, the ability to so much as take their children to school, as in many rural areas, local secondary schools have already been closed down, forcing children to endure a long drive to and from distant schools.

This will enforce the Agenda 2030 aim of clearing the country folk into Urban Zone, high-rise zoos, where they will be given a monthly allowance, to cover their needs, while their children are being ‘conditioned’ to ‘Love Big Brother’ in a local sanatorium. Marriages will no longer be necessary or allowed, as ‘husbands’ have been relegated to the dustbin and the State has become your ‘Daddy’ using the so-called ‘Universal Credit’ to further destroy family unity.

With elections taking place, in the coming days, in France and the United Kingdom, voters should be seriously asking the question as to whether there is anything of importance in the above statement. Should they believe any part of it to be correct, why are these things not being discussed by those whom would be your leaders? Are these people themselves, so misinformed that they are unaware of what is coming in the near future? Be in no doubt, these people do not work for you, they are well aware of what is going on.






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