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Why Are The Fishy Events Around The London Bridge Event, Not Being Discussed?

In the above clip, which is available all over youtube, it is quite clear that the Police are dressing up. Should this be part of a drill, why has it not been discussed in the media, instead of leaving it to fester in the minds of ‘conspiracy theorists?’

The image of the ‘dead’ man quite clearly shows the ‘pretend’ suicide bomb around his chest, a device which could quite possibly have been part of the costume of an actor, playing the role of a terrorist, but for a real terrorist to be sporting one is, to say the least, odd. It would be an incredible coincidence should it turn out that a bearded policeman, filmed while ‘dressing up’ in trousers identical to those of a dead terrorist, wearing a similar black tee-shirt, was not the person photographed as a dead terrorist, would it not?

The fact that the police arrived on the scene and killed all of the ‘terrorists’ in eight minutes, is in itself miraculous, without asking the question as to why, in view of their overwhelming force, it was not possible to disarm the men involved, without risking setting off the suicide bombs, by shooting them and quite possibly killing innocent by-standers. Why the ‘terrorists’ were still hanging around waiting for the Police to arrive, is a mystery in itself.



Being a pure cynic, I found it hard to believe, that all three terrorists, chased a man across the road, even as a police car was screaming towards them, they then stabbed the running man in a ferocious manner, leaving him dying on the pavement, only to see him leap to safety, as the car rolled towards him. while the police  riddled all three of the ‘terrorists’ to death. 




The same strange behaviour occurred, after the killing of Gunner Lee Rigby, when the two men, with such similar names, it defies the memory of us all, to remember them, never mind telling one from the other, hung around waiting for the Police, whom on arrival managed to shoot and wound the men, arrest them and take them to Court, why have they not managed to do the same thing in recent incidents?

The four young lads, who were ‘alleged’ to have carried out the 7-7 London bombings, were shot down in cold blood in the City of London, when it was clear that they were unarmed, as their bombs had already exploded under the Tube Trains.

The men whom drove the lorries in Berlin and Nice and the car on Westminster Bridge, all of them riddled with Police bullets. The Kouachi Brothers’ in Paris, Merah in Toulouse, the same result, in fact it is possible to claim that in all of the alleged terrorist attacks, which have been called Muslim Terrorism, there has been hardly one survivor, whom having been interrogated has admitted to being a member of any of the groups, which have claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Is it any wonder that they are all called hoaxes or ‘false flag’ events, to inspire a fear of Muslims?

This London Bridge incident is similar to the events on Westminster Bridge, when the dead and wounded were wheeled into the Marriott Hotel, when there was a hospital just a few yards away.



This sort of idiotic behaviour adds weight to the claims of those whom suggest that the reason why the security forces never manage to capture the perpetrators, of these terrorist attacks, before the event,  despite having all of them on a list of those ‘known as being a possible risk’ is simply because there is no need, as the Police know full well that there will be no dead or injured victims, so why worry?


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