A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

           Be Warned. Nobody Loves Us.


There are Jews in Israel who believe that Baron Rothschild and his chums, care about their welfare, just as there are Muslims,who believe that the Sheiks of Araby care about them. Christians are stupid enough to believe that the Pope represents God on Earth, who strangely enough has the same Baron Rothschild taking care of Gods bank balance.

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news from the great beyond but none of them give a toss about any of us, all they care about is wealth and power. Worse than that, they believe themselves to be more important than is any God apart from their own, who we perceive as the Devil himself.

These demons will sacrifice all and everybody, including Jews, Christians and Muslims, along with those other religions, which garner little attention these days, Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucius and many others.

Should the members of the strange, tiny religion, practiced by certain Eastern Europeans, which sets itself in an order of importance, alongside Christians and Muslims, whom are numbered in billions, while they number a mere few million, believe they will be spared, when the bombs start to fall, they are sadly mistaken. They are not God’s Chosen people, they are of no more importance than are the rest of us and when the day comes, they will find themselves ‘hung out to dry’ along with the rest of us.

Jews in Israel cannot have failed to notice that their ‘top brass’ Netanyahu and Co are pushing Iran into a corner, in an attempt to coax the United States and NATO into a pre-emptive attack, which will, by destroying Iran, elevate Israel into the position of the Supreme Powerhouse in the region.

Israel has been using the contrived Islamic sect of Wahhabism as a means of turning Muslims against one another as they once did with Christians. This has been the excuse for the continuation of the current blood-bath, all across the Middle East, which was initiated in response to the 911 attack in New York, which it is generally agreed was committed by Israel. It had nothing whatsoever to do with Syria, Libya or Yemen but a lot to do with Saudi Arabia and Israel.

We are now becoming accustomed to everyday bomb attacks, which are all laid at the door of the group which has several names, including ISIS, a form of violent attacks which were once laid at the doors of the Irish Republican Army in the United Kingdom, attacks which included many which were laid by British Forces in collusion with Loyalist Terrorists, in Ulster, both of which groups are given little mention in the mainstream media reports, which blame the Irish Republicans for everything.

In the United States we find the same situation in events like the Oklahoma City bombing, which was quite clearly carried out by United States agents, but which was blamed on a ‘lone wolf’ called Timothy McVeigh. 


 The Jews attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 was a blatant attempt to incriminate Egypt, generating an excuse for the United States to invade the country, allowing Israel to take control of the Suez Canal. President Lyndon Baines Johnson was an intricate part of the scheme, he was prepared to allow a ship full of American sailors to be sunk, with no survivors, for the benefit of the Jews in Israel.

“The alternative is that a dedicated group of attention-seeking murderers will react to the blasé navel-gazing and self-absorption of the West by doing something so horrible that we will be shocked out of our torpor.”

I found the above quotation in an article discussing the current wave of ‘terrorist attacks in Europe. The author presented his article, in a manner which clearly demonstrated, the ease with which blatant lies were used after 911, to instill into the minds of an unthinking population, that there was a mythical group, called Al Qaeda, which was coming to kill us all.

 This was the birth of the unsupported fable of International Muslim Terrorism – which has now expanded into the ubiquitous, massively funded, heavily armed, with American and British weaponry, with the capacity to carry out ‘total war’ all across the Middle East, with lethal attacks in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Philippines and many other places – Daesh/ISIS/ISIL/IS take your pick, all of it a lie and all of it funded with our money by our politicians.

There has never been a ‘stand alone’ Muslim group of terrorists, capable of carrying out any such international activities without detection, only rich States, such as the NATO member States and those working for the benefit of the State of Israel, such as Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf States, can afford to arm and train such an Army, which is why we are told that it is ‘The Free Syrian or Libyan Armies’ which are being trained in places like Jordan, from where they can be treated when wounded in battle, while fighting in Syria or Libya.

Gadaffi in Libya was of course excoriated for daring to help the Free Irish Army, fight back against the British in Ulster, after the atrocity on Bloody Sunday, that form of assistance made the British very, very cross indeed, because they are total hypocrites. They were also responsible for many cold-blooded murders in Ulster. Which is why it should not be considered as a form of blasphemy to suggest British involvement in the current round of ‘terrorist’ attacks in the UK, the Special Air Services are perfectly capable and willing to murder a few of their own people .

So back to the above quote, which I dismiss as mere propaganda, simply because it adopts the position, which we were all intended to accept after 911, that of the ‘proven’ guilt of the Muslims. We have been bombarded with so much guff, that the whole wide-world now believes it to be true. Tell a lie often enough, the bigger the lie the better and eventually everyone will believe it. That is where we now stand.

The same thing holds true about false attacks, carry out enough of them and people become bored with cries of ‘fake.’ The National Review, from where I found the quote, is adopting the position, without evidence or investigation, the offered version of events in London and Manchester, which simply do not add up to even the most cursory inspection of the available evidence.

When the evidence which was presented in a gripping manner, after the ‘alleged’ attack near London Bridge, included images of a police car screaming out of shot onto our screens, from which a group of armed police jumped out and shot dead all three ‘terrorists’ whom had just repeatedly stabbed a man, who fell dead on the pavement, but who miraculously arose from the dead, to avoid being run over by the police car which was rolling towards him, without any form of query from the Sky News reporter who presented the clip, at which point you know you are dealing with an event which allows only certain questions to be asked of it.

One of the dead ‘terrorists’ was the spitting image of a Policeman who was filmed while dressing up as a terrorist, either on the night of the alleged attack, or during a previous drill, in which his role was to lie on the ground to be photographed as if dead. Despite a large number of alleged casualties, the surrounding hospitals had received none of them.

 Why is there such resistance from the mainstream media, when it comes to discussing anomalies like these?


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