A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Truth Is Breaking Out All Over.


The Truth Is Breaking Out All Over.



Sadly, despite understanding the part played by Saudi Arabia in the current World War, which has been ongoing since 911, the programs guests are a little timid about telling the whole tale, which is even more complicated than is their explanation of the use of an alternative version of Islam, as the spear-head of the attack, against the Western Christian World.

The entire region of the Middle East is a construct of the Jews. Control of Turkey was taken by a Sabbatean Jew, Kamal Ataturk, who sent the Young Turks, who were also Jews, into Armenia to finish off ten million Armenian Christians, even as the Bolshevik Jews were murdering sixty-five million White Christians, in Russia, soon after which the Jews declared war on Germany, leading to the slaughter of more than twenty-million more White Christian Germans.

Immediately after World War Two, the Jews set about the Muslims and Christians in Palestine, driving hundreds of thousands of them into exile while setting about the extinction of the remaining indigenous inhabitants, in an ongoing genocide.

The Middle East was placed in the hands of the British and French after the end of the Great War. Both of these countries were already controlled by the Jew banking family of Rothschild, who was given  Palestine as a gift for soliciting the support of the United States in the Great War against Germany, which was finally fighting alone.

All of the ‘Royal Families in the Region are puppets of the Jews and are most probably Jews themselves. So whatever is the ongoing situation in the Middle East, one thing is perfectly clear, the most hated enemy of the Peoples of the region, Israel, has been left untouched. There can be only one reason for this extraordinary situation, the terrorist are working with Israel and the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia, along with the controlled States of France, Britain and the United States to create a one world government.


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