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Grenfell Tower, Possibly Hundreds Dead?

The Grenfell Tower Tragedy in London, has managed to silence the mob who normally start to cry out ‘inside Job’ or ‘hoax’ after such events. This time around it would appear to be the man in the street who is pointing his finger in the direction of those whom stand to make money from such an event.

During an early interview, it was suggested that dozens of such high-rise towers, across the United Kingdom, all of them housing poor people, in what were once run-down areas, which have now become prime areas for ‘gentrification’ suggesting that the wholesale demolition of all such plastic coated death-traps, will be, making huge areas available for development, not for the poor of course.

The idea that an exploding kitchen fridge in one of the flats had caused the plastic panelling on the outside to ignite, is a bit far-fetched, it is more likely have been a misguided attempt to frighten the tower dwellers, which got out of hand, in manner in which no one could have expected.

I was surprised to hear a man who apparently escaped from the building, suggesting that even though the inner stair-case, which was fire-proof and which had indeed survived the blaze, was too frightening for the trapped people to use because it was dark inside.

It would from film of the interior of the building that there were large areas almost untouched by the blaze, which though appearing like a vision of hell from the outside, inside the main problem would have been from the heat and the smoke.

This would suggest that the claims of five or six hundred deaths being the true total, is a bit of an exaggeration as it has yet to be shown whether the building was in fact fully occupied at the time of the tragedy.

Communist Jeremy Corbyn, is of course using this sad episode as ammunition in his attempt the replace Theresa May in Number Ten Downing Street, ignoring the fact that Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, is the man who should have responded to calls from the residents in the tower, about their fears, but failed to so do.

Sadly there is now a fund to aid those whom were affected by the inferno, which is sure to create the usual unseemly behaviour amongst the survivors. I could not imagine how I would feel, should I be offered another flat in a tower block, whether it was coated in plastic or not, so maybe the survivors of Grenfell Tower, would e better off pooling their share of any fund, to buy some land in a cheaper area, to build a decent estate for themselves.

Having listened to the agitated woman in the above clip, one could be forgiven for believing that the Tower had actually been evacuated before the fire, while all of the ‘survivors’ were simply waiting to walk out at a given moment. That would be a far better eventuality than the possibility that all of the ‘missing’ five or six hundred people are actually dead.


Anyone fool enough to believe there to be a difference between the New Labour of Blair and that of avowed Communist Jeremy Corbyn – both of them members of the Fabian Society – are in for a serious shock. Communism was never intended to favour the worker, it was and is a means of allowing the richest psychopaths, to buy all and everything, with our money, not to install an egalitarian system of rule but a total dictatorship by the unelected rich, much in the manner of the current system in the European Union, which is why it is a case of all hands on deck to stop “Brexit”

The guest in the following interview, is a lecturer at the Fabian Societies, London School of Economics, a seat of learning which is under the total control of the same group of ‘idealists’ whom gave us Communism, Socialism and the European Union. The one time leader of which, introduced us to the term ‘Useless Eaters’ whom must be dealt with, in a severe manner, i.e. by death.



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