A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Paradox Of Blame And Guilt And Retribution.

Today, I watched a review of the new ‘holocaust’ tale, ‘Destination Unknown’, on the Russia Today program, ‘Going Underground’, which made my toes curl in embarrassment.

The fact that this shameless tale, which was more than a decade in the making, will be doing the rounds of theatres’ in London, so soon after the real holocaust in Grenfell Tower, is reason enough for suggesting, that there are some things just a shade more important for the British people at this time, other than yet another film, still agonising over an event in the last century, while right in front of our eyes there is a genocide, ongoing in Palestine, which is totally ignored by the British Establishment, even as we are all being smeared for apparently, as did God himself,  allowing the other holocaust to take place, there is something very wrong with this situation.

I noticed that the presenter of Going Underground, managed to smear the Front National and Geert Wilders, with the alleged crimes of those dratted Nazis’, that would be, no doubt, to cover up the part played by the Russians in the murder of sixty-five-million Christians in Russia, not to forget the ten million or so whom were starved to death in the Ukrainian Holodomor. A horror which was ongoing even as the Germans arrived and liberated the Ukrainians, thousands of whom then fought alongside the Germans, in the hope of defeating the Bolshevik Jew slaughterers, only to find themselves, at the end of the war, handed over, by the British, into the hands of the kosher butcher Joe Stalin, who was, incidentally, adored by Jeremy Corbyn’s best friend Ralph Miliband, who like his two sons Ed and Dave,  was a Stalinist, as were many members of the Labour Party of the day.

In a strange twist of fate, there were Jew holocaust survivors fighting alongside the Bolsheviks against Hitler, while Christian Ukrainian Holodomor survivors fought with Hitler against the the Russians and later the cowardly British, whom did very little during the war other than take the credit for ‘winning’ it, handed the Holodomor survivors into the hands of Stalin to be butchered, while the Jew survivors headed straight for Palestine to drive the Palestinians into concentration  camps where they remain to this day, while the tales of organ harvesting of prisoners and other grim tales abound.

Hands up those whom have ever seen a Hollywood film, exposing the Jew Bolshevik slaughters in Ukraine, never mind the holocaust against the Palestinians, not too many hands in the air no doubt, I should imagine there were many examples of Jews torturing and raping Germans to death and nailing them to barn doors but then it’s best to ignore such things, we don’t want to upset the survivors, never mind funding endless films featuring their bloody massacres of the Christian Peoples.

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